Dorothy Hill Observatory contributes to supernova research

Setting the platform for Grammar girls to contribute to professional research projects, future Brisbane Girls Grammar School parent, Dr David Trappett, has used the Dorothy Hill Observatory to support the All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae project (ASASSN).

Based at Ohio State University, this project uses a global network of survey telescopes to search for supernovae. They rely on collaborating astronomers to confirm their discoveries.

Supernova ASASSN-17oc was originally detected by a survey telescope in Hawaii on 2 November 2017. During a brief respite from the recent inclement weather, Dr Trappett captured a confirmation image of this discovery on 4 November 2017 and submitted to ASASSN to support the project.

Those who contribute confirmation images are credited in the Astronomer’s Telegram, an Internet service used to efficiently disseminate information about transient astronomical events. ASASSN-17oc was examined with a 2.4 metre telescope in China and astronomers confirmed it is a Type 1a Supernova exploding at ~10000km/second. Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s Dorothy Hill Observatory is acknowledged in this telegram.

The ASASSN team are keen to have Girls Grammar continue to participate in this work, providing the opportunity for students to contribute to global astronomical research as early as next year.

Dorothy Hill Observatory

The Dorothy Hill Observatory, located at the School’s Marrapatta Memorial Outdoor Education Centre.

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