Visiting creatives inspire senior students

Year 11 and 12 Information Technology students recently participated in an experience designed to give them an insight into opportunities in technologies beyond school.

Dr Colleen Morgan

Dr Colleen Morgan

Dr Colleen Morgan, Digital Product Strategist at Josephmark, and past student, Ms Mackenzie Geeves (2014), who is currently studying a dual degree of Fine Arts (Interactive and Visual Design) and Business (Marketing) at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) provided engaging presentations to more than ninety students on Monday 30 October 2017.

Dr Morgan, who has completed a PhD in designing for education, encouraged students to identify gaps in the market and develop websites and apps that are actually required, rather than duplicating current product offerings.

Ms Geeves has recently returned from a one-year study abroad programme at University of South Carolina in the USA. She has recommenced her studies at QUT and is also working as a Digital Marketing Co-ordinator at Strong Digital and Social Media Manager at Anytime Fitness.  Ms Geeves inspired the girls to make the most of their time at university, by taking advantage of any opportunities that present themselves, such as internships, extra courses, clubs and activities.

Ms Mackenzie Geeves (2014)

Ms Mackenzie Geeves (2014)

Year 12 student, Jess Jenkinson, thoroughly enjoyed listening to both presenters and found Ms Geeve’s advice pertinent.

‘[Ms Geeves] studies are very similar to the career path to which I aspire.

‘Her advice on taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible was very helpful, as it can give you an insight into the industry and future career prospects, and helps you stand out from your peers.

‘I hope to study abroad and enjoyed hearing about [Ms Geeve]’s experience in the USA,’ Jess said.

Director of Technologies, Mr Brendon Thomas, said guest lectures were an important component of the Technologies curriculum, highlighting to students the relevance of their studies to real-world applications.

‘Our students complete projects for real clients using design thinking methodology,’ Mr Thomas said.

‘Guest lecturers reaffirm to the students that the processes they follow in class are very similar to what occurs in industry.

‘They give students an insight into potential careers they may wish to consider and act as mentors for future women in technology.’

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