Academic achievements

Academic achievements

2017 was a year of exceptional academic achievement for Brisbane Girls Grammar School. The excellent results — outlined below — reflect the talent and hard work of the girls, the professionalism and support of their teachers, and the guidance and encouragement of our Girls Grammar parents. The consistency of results attained by students through the years is a compelling endorsement of the School’s academic programmes and inspiring learning culture.

2017 Australian National Assessment Program — Literacy and Numeracy results

The Australian National Assessment Program — Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is standardised testing for all Australian students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. The achievements of Year 7 and Year 9 Grammar girls are recorded below.

NAPLAN results are one indicator of academic achievement and — combined with other forms of School-based assessment — contribute to a balanced view of our students’ academic progress.

2017 NAPLAN Results for Brisbane Girls Grammar School

  Year 7 Year 9
Reading 617 640
Writing 582 623
Spelling 613 639
Grammar and Punctuation 639 646
Numeracy 625 667

Percentage of Girls Grammar students at or above the national minimum standard

  Year 7 Year 9
Reading 100 100
Writing 100 99
Spelling 100 100
Grammar and Punctuation 100 100
Numeracy 100 100

2017 Queensland Core Skills Test Results

We congratulate our 2017 Year 12 girls on their impressive Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test results; 74.5 per cent of Brisbane Girls Grammar School students received an A or B grade, in comparison to 45.1 per cent of students across Queensland.

The girls’ dedicated focus, support of one another and extraordinary efforts have enabled them to perform exceptionally well.

Grade Girls Grammar State*
A 43.60% 17.80%
B 30.90% 27.30%
C 22.50% 34.10%
D 3.00% 20.40%
E 0% 0.30%

*State percentages include all candidates in Queensland who sat the QCS Test.

Congratulations to all 2017 Year 12 girls and teachers for their outstanding efforts in attaining these results and valuable contribution to the School’s aspiration to be a leader in exceptional scholarship.

Year 12 2017 Overall Position results

The 2017 Year 12 cohort also achieved excellent Overall Position (OP) results.

Result Girls Grammar State
1 7.85 % 2.77%
1-2 19.42 % 6.95%
1-5 45.87 % 22.13%
1-15 96.69% 82.31%
1-20 100% 98.38%

The strength of Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s 2017 academic results reflect our vibrant learning environment and reinforces the School’s reputation as one of Australia’s leading girls’ schools. We congratulate and thank all Grammar girls and teaching staff for their extraordinary efforts and achievements throughout the year.

The School’s approach to education combines a balanced curriculum and the development of critical thinking and systematic research skills with outdoor education and an engaging co-curricular programme — together generating diversity of thought and evoking a life-long love of learning.

Scholarship is underpinned by specialist student care, which helps teenaged girls discover, understand and strengthen their talents and interests. Brisbane Girls Grammar School remains one of the few schools in Queensland whose entire Year 12 cohort is OP eligible.

Our graduates choose to study at universities across Australia and internationally and we look forward to learning about and sharing the study and career pathways of our most recent graduates as they stay in touch with the School through various Grammar Women networks.

The School is exceptionally proud of its students and their consistently strong academic performance and the positive and valuable involvement of its alumnae to myriad diverse and fascinating fields across the globe.