Academic achievements

Year 12 2016 OP Results

We congratulate the 2016 Brisbane Girls Grammar School Year 12 cohort on their outstanding OP results.

Result Girls Grammar State*
1 8.94% 2.77%
1-2 17.03% 6.83%
1-5 42.98% 21.06%
1-15 96.17% 81.35%
1-20 100% 98.26%

*State OP 1-25 =100%

2016 had been a year of exceptional academic achievement for our School, following our younger students’ successes in the Australian National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). We ranked as the top-performing school, overall, in Queensland, our Year 9 cohort were the top performers in Queensland for the third year in a row and our Year 7 girls ranked second overall. As an academically non-selective School, that offers no scholarships and has 100 per cent of students OP eligible, these impressive results are a credit to the high quality teaching at the School and reflect the talent and hard work of the girls and their teachers.

Through the diverse opportunities and experiences at Girls Grammar, we inspire our girls to dare to dream, without fear of failure, and to test the unfamiliar; to develop enduring life and leadership skills and to become resilient and adventurous. Maintaining balance between their academic learning and the enriching co-curricular and service activities helps our students to develop into well-rounded young women ready to contribute confidently to the world. This is certainly exhibited by our 2016 Year 12 cohort and we are exceptionally proud of our students.

Consistent outstanding academic results and student destinations reflect how Girls Grammar prepares students for greatly varied future paths. Our students choose to study at universities across Australia and internationally and we look forward to learning of the intended destinations of our most recent graduates in the New Year.

The strength of our vibrant learning environment to foster exceptional scholarship is evident in our results and reinforces our reputation as one of Australia’s leading girls’ schools. We congratulate all of our girls and teaching staff on their outstanding efforts to attain these results.

2016 Provisional Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test Results

We congratulate our 2016 Year 12 girls on their excellent Provisional Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test results. Their dedicated focus, support of one another and sheer hard work has enabled them to perform very well.

The QCS results show 75.5 per cent of our students received an A or B grade compared with 45 per cent of students across Queensland.

Grade Girls Grammar State*
A 46.6%  17.5%
B 28.9% 27.5%
C 21.1% 34.3%
D 3.5% 20.6%
E 0% 0.1%

*State percentages include all candidates in Queensland who sat the QCS test

We congratulate all of our girls and teaching staff on their outstanding efforts to attain these results and wish the Year 12 girls of 2016 all the very best for the future.

Girls Grammar tops the State in NAPLAN

Brisbane Girls Grammar School is the top performing school in Queensland for 2016 being ranked first in NAPLAN overall*.

Principal Jacinda Euler said the results are a strong endorsement of the School’s exceptional academic programmes and inspiring learning culture.

‘We are very proud of our girls’ NAPLAN results.  They have worked hard, given their best and deserve these excellent results.

‘As an academically non-selective school that awards no academic scholarships, these results reflect the expertise and care of our teachers and the positive learning environment at Girls Grammar.

‘Our girls are taught to think deeply and to think for themselves and they learn to become exceptional scholars.  Grammar girls balance their academic learning with diverse co-curricular activities and a deep commitment to service involvement.  This helps them to develop into confident and compassionate young women with an intelligent and optimistic outlook on life,’ said Ms Euler.

Standardised NAPLAN testing is completed by all Australian students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.  The achievements of Year 7 and 9 BGGS students (the only years at the school to take NAPLAN tests) are recorded below.

2016 Overall NAPLAN Results for Brisbane Girls Grammar School:

  Year 7 Year 9
  State ave National ave Year 7 State ave National ave Year 9
Reading 539 541 615 576 581 656
Writing 502 515 571 534 548 597
Spelling 540 543 601 574 580 641
Grammar 538 540 633 569 570 662
Numeracy 546 550 630 582 589 670

Percentage of Brisbane Girls Grammar School students at or above the national minimum standard:

  Year 7 Year 9
Reading 100 100
Writing 100 98
Spelling 100 100
Grammar 100 99
Numeracy 100 100

*preliminary Queensland results