The Board of Trustees of Brisbane Girls Grammar School is the School’s governing body. It is accountable to the School’s broad community of stakeholders for the good governance of the School. The School is a statutory body formed under the Grammar Schools Act 1975 and therefore the Board has direct accountability to the Minister for Education in Queensland, as well as a responsibility to our past, present and future families.

On 1 January 2017 the Grammar Schools Act 2016 came into effect and replaced the Grammar Schools Act 1975 with modern legislation that aims to meet the contemporary needs of the School. The establishment and regulation of the School, including the constitution of the Board of Trustees and the functions of the Board, are now provided for in the Grammar Schools Act 2016.

Under the Act, the Board is made up of at least seven but no more than nine Trustees, appointed every four years (most recently in November 2014) by the Governor in Council, and comprising: three Trustees elected from and by the Roll of Electors; four ministerial nominees and up to two additional Trustees chosen by the Board and nominated by the Minister.

The Board elects its own Chair and Deputy Chair from among its own number and they serve in those offices while they continue on the Board for the four-year term. A Board Secretary, employed by the School, provides support to the Board in carrying out its governance functions.

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Governance Philosophy

The Board believes that it best serves the School’s present and future life by operating as a true ‘governing’ board (as distinct from a ‘management’ board or committee). This means that the day to day operations of the School are delegated to the Principal and, through her, to key members of staff. The Board, under its agreed charter, therefore takes a strong leading role in supporting the Principal, and monitoring her leadership of the School’s performance.

The Board discharges its role primarily through the conduct of its regular meetings at least ten times a year, and through the regular meetings of the Board’s Finance, Audit, Risk and Resource Committee, with additional meetings of the Board for specific purposes, such as strategy development, as necessary.

Some of the key matters addressed in the Board’s charter are:

  • the Board’s commitment to governing with a clear focus on the School’s principal priority, namely providing an excellent, balanced, liberal education to our girls which equips them to face, and to contribute positively to, the world in which they live
  • the Board’s commitment to a governance philosophy which encourages open and robust discussion of issues within the boardroom for the good of the School
  • an awareness of responsibility for the transparent and appropriate management of trustee conflicts of interest
  • the Board’s key functions, which include our accountability to the School’s broad community of stakeholders, setting the strategic direction, ensuring appropriate risk and compliance controls are in place, and monitoring the financial management and the performance of the School generally, fundamentally through its strong relationship with the Principal.

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