Staff contact details are available for parents on the GrammarNet Parents website (password required).

Executive Staff

Principal Ms Jacinda Euler, BA, GDipEd, MEdSt, MACE, MACEL, MAICD
Chief Financial Officer & Secretary to the Board Ms Rachel Fraser, BCom, GradDip Adv Acctg, CA, GAICD
Deputy Principal Mrs Anna Owen, BSc, PGDipEd, MSc(ScEd), MACE, MAICD
Deputy Principal (Academic) Dr Bruce Addison, BA, BBus(Econ), BEdSt, PhD, DipEd, MAICD, MACE, FACEL
Deputy Principal (Students) Mrs Anne Ingram, BSc, DipEd, AMusA
Dean of Academic Administration Miss Tennille Cummings, BSc, GDipEd, MEd(Leadership & Mgt), MACEL
Dean of Co-curriculum Miss Ellena Papas, BEd(GE), BMus, Cert Res.Care, MACE, AFAIM
Dean of Studies & Learning Analytics Mr James Keogh, DipTeach, BEd, MEd, Mace, MAIP
Director of Communications and Engagement Dr Belinda Burns, BA, BBus (PublicRelations), MA, PhD
Director of Development Ms Georgina Anthonisz, BMus, CFRE, MInstF(Cert)
Facilities Manager Mr Aaron Bowden, Dip(Project Mgmt), DipBus(Frontline Mgmt), Cert IV Building and Construction, Cert IV WHS, FSA, QBCC Licence No 1264810


Creative Arts Mr Andrew Pennay, BA, BEd
Cross Faculty Initiatives Dr Ann Farley, BEd, GradDipResT, DipT, MSc(Dist), PhD, MACE
English Mr Stephen Woods, BA (Hons), MA, GradDipTeach
Health & Physical Education Mr Stephen Fogarty, BEd, MACHPER
Humanities Miss Alison Dare, BA(Hons), DipEd, MA
Information Services Mrs Kristine Cooke, BA, DipEd, GradDipResT, MEd(TeachLib)
Instrumental Music Mr Paul Holley OAM, BAMus, GrdDipEd (Acting)
International Studies Ms Susan Garson, BA/BEd, MEdStud
Marrapatta Memorial Outdoor Education Mr James McIntosh, BEd, GradDipOutEd, MEdSt
Mathematics Ms Catrin Huxtable, BSc (Hons), PGCE
Science Dr Sally Stephens, BSc, MScEd(Dist), GradDipT, GradDipCommComp, EdD
Service Mrs Lynne Mungomery, BHMS(Ed), Cert IV Training and Assessment
Sport Ms Jo Duffy, BEd, MEd
Technologies Mr Brendon Thomas, CertFineArts, BEd, PGradCertOEd, MEd, Cert IV Training & Assessment

Heads of House

Associate Dean (Academic Care) Ms Sarah Frew, BA, BEd, MEdSt (Leadership)
Associate Dean (Students) Mrs Emma Lowry, BBus, BIntSt, BEd, MEd(Leadership & Mgt)
Beanland Ms Rachael Christopherson, BA, DipEd
England Ms Alysia Stark, BAppSc(HMSEd), Cert IV Training & Assessment
Gibson Mrs Hazel Boltman, HDE(Physical Science)
Griffith Ms Jan O’Sullivan, BA, DipEd, MACE
Hirschfeld Mrs Alice Dabelstein, BEd
Lilley Mrs Sybil Edwards, BA, DipT
Mackay Ms Ruth Jans, BA, BEd
O’Connor Ms Sarah Boyle, BA, BEd(GE), GradCertRE
Woolcock Mrs Violet Ross, BA, GradDipEd

Heads of Department/Subject

Academic Data Analyst Mrs Elaine Serisier BEd (Hons)
Academic Support Mrs Alison Carmichael, BEd, MEdSt, DipSpEd, GradDipEdSt, COGE
Accounting Dr Phillipa Greig, BBus, BEd, DipT (Sec), AssocDipSecStudies, EdD
Biology Ms Tracey Monteith, BSc(Hons), DipEd
Chemistry Mrs Jacqueline Ross, BSc(Hons), GradDipT
Chinese Mrs Paula Quinn, PGDipED, BA, BA(Hons), MAppLing
Co-curricular Drama Mr Brad Jennings, BEd, BA (Drama)
Curriculum Music Ms Adele Cummings, BA, MSc (Entrepreneurship), GradDipEd
Drama Mrs Katrina Riveros, BA (Drama) GradDipEd
EAL/D C0ordinator Ms Rita Jajjo, BA, GradDipTeach
Economics Dr Zhi (Sam)Peng, BA, MA, MIB (Hons), PhD, GradDipEd (Acting)
English Curriculum Development Ms Jo Genders, BEd(Hons)
English Years 7 -8 Mrs Julie Smith, BA(Hons)(Eng), CertEd
English Years 9-10 Mr Richard Laur, BEd(PG), BA(Hons), MEd
French Mr Fabrice Alleaume, MA(Hons), GDipT(Sec)
Geography Mr Jeffrey Wheatley, BEcon, DipEd
Geography Years 7-8 Ms Yonnie McDonnell, BA, Grad Dip Ed
German Mrs Izabela Minuzzo, Licencjat Magistra
History Ms Julie Hennessey, BA MEd DipEd
History Years 7-8 Dr Rashna Taraporewalla, BA(Hons), PhD, GrDipEd
H&PE Curriculum Development Ms Jane Martel, BAppSc(HMSEd)
Japanese Ms Jennifer Fukushima, BA(AsianSt), GrDipEd(Sec)
Latin Mr Nicholas Hollier BA (Hons), GradDip Divinity
Manager of eLearning Mr Shane Skillen, BEd, CertIVEng, DipMultiMedia
Mathematics A & General Maths Mrs Judith Muller, DipEd, BSc, Gr DipCompEd, DipBus(FrontlineMgmt)
Mathematics B & Mathematics Methods Ms Gay Barnett, BA, DipEd
Mathematics Curriculum Development Dr Peter Jenkins, BSc(HonsI), PhD, GradDipEd
Mathematics Years 7-8 Mrs Patricia Greenland, BSc, GradDipEd
Physics Mr Alan Allinson, BSc(Hons), PostGradCertEd
Science –Junior Science Curriculum Development Mrs Monica Urry, BSc, BEd#
Science 21/Marine Science

Mrs Sacha Cross, BAppSC(HMS)/BEd(Sec)#

Miss Stephanie Johnson, BAppSc(HMS), BEd(Sec) (Acting)

Study of Religion Mrs Narelle Waverley-Smith, BA(Hons), BEd(Sec)
Visual Art Mr Donald Pincott, BEdSt, BA, MEd, MLI, DipSecT(Art), MACE
Special Project – NAPLAN Mr Andrew Lanning, BEd(Sec), BSc
Special Project – Numeracy in Science Miss Gerri Bernard, BSc(Physics),MSc(MatSciEng),GrDipEd(Senior Yrs)

Academic Staff

Ms Sharon Anderson, BADipEd
Mrs Sanae Asada-Leone, BA, GradDipEd
Ms Stefanie Bailey, BSc/BEd#
Dr Ruth Burnett, BEcon, Dip T, MEd, EdD
Ms Anne Byrne, BSc, BEdSt, MEd, DipEd
Mrs Sally Callie, BEd
Ms Nadine Cameron, BSc, GradDipEd
Ms Kate Child, BEd (Physical Ed), PG Outdoor Env Ed
Ms Emma Churchland, BFA(Drama), DipEd (Sec)
Mrs Catherine Clemot, BEd, GradCertRE#
Ms Kara Coughlan, BSc, PostGradDipEd
Mr Anthony Cupitt, BEd(Sec)(GE), BA(Hons), MA(Philosophy)
Mrs Sally Downes, BA, DipEd
Ms Kirsten Eadie, BEd, GCCI, MEd(LeadershipMgmt)
Mrs Stephanie Eaton, BMus(Perf), BMus(Cond), GradDipEd(Sec), AdvDipMus(Accomp), LMusA, AKC
Mrs Raechelle Finch, Grad DipEd, BHMS
Ms Anna Flourentzou, BA, BEd
Mrs Emily Frazer, BSc, GDipEd(Sec)
Ms Romy Fritz, BA, GradDipEd
Ms Hannah Gillam, BSc, GDipEd
Mrs Malgorzata Golawska-Loye, MagisterBEd
Mrs Louisa Harvey, BEd, BA, CertIV TESOL
Mrs Rebecca Haskmann, BA, MA, GradDipEd
Ms Abigail Hills, BVA GDipEd
Ms Hollie Hollie, (VisArt), BEd(Sec)
Mr Gideon Huppert, BA, Grad Dip Ed, MEd (TESOL), Cert IV Training & Assessment
Dr Paula Johnson, BA(HonsI), PhD, GradDipEd
Miss Stephanie Johnson, BAppSc(HMS), BEd(Sec)
Ms Emanuelle Jones, BA(Hons), PGCE
Ms Carmen Keating, MBiomedE, BMechE (Hons), GradDipEd
Miss Jessica Kempe, BSc, GradDipEd
Mrs Kate Kildey, BEd(Sec)(HonsI) MLI, MACE
Mrs Stephanie Kingan, BA(Ed) (Sec)
Ms Kate Kregenbrink, BEd
Mrs Carolyn Lansdown, BA(OutEd), GradDipEd
Mr Daniel Larkin, BA, BEd
Mrs Catherine Lay, BSc, GrCertA BEd(SEC)(GE)#
Dr Timothy Lehmann, MEdSt, BEd, BCom(Hons), BA, BMus, GCertMidYrs, GCert Autism Studies
Mr Adam Levitt, BEd
Mrs Jennifer Levitt, BA/BEd
Ms Natasha Littler, BA/BEd#
Ms Jenna Luiten, BSpSc, MSc, GDipEd
Ms Tracey Maclean, BA (Hons), GradDipEd GrDipTESOL
Dr Christine Madill, BA(Hons), PhD, GDipEd
Mrs Amee Magee BSc GradDipEd
Miss Gabby Mann, BEd
Mr Paul Martineau, BA, BEd
Mrs Lee Mazzaglia, BEd, DipT
Mrs Kate McCarthy, BHMS, BAppSc(Ed)
Miss Kayley McCorley, BHlthSports&PhysEd
Mr Elliot McGarry, BEd(Sec)
Mr Michael McGrath, BMus(Hons)/BEd(Sec) BMus
Mrs Carol McIntosh, BEd, GradDipOutEd, MA
Ms Bronwyn McKean, BA, DipEd, CertFineArts
Ms Susan Miles, BEd, MEd(TeachLib)
Mrs Valerie Miller, BA, GDipEd, MA, GradDipTheatreStudies, GradCertRE
Dr Thomas Mollee, BSc(Hons), PhD Mathematics, GrDipEd(Sec)
Mrs Prue Morgan, BAgSc, DipEd
Ms Susan Morrison, BEd (Sc)
Mrs Joanne Nisbett, BEd
Miss Brittany Nunan, BEx&HealthSc GrDipEd(Senior Yrs)
Mrs Anna O’Gorman, BSc(Hons), DipEd
Miss Meghan Parry, BA/BEd(Sec)
Ms Suzanne Peck, BA, GradDipEd
Ms Deborah Perz, BSc, BEd
Mr Michael Ramsay, BTeach, GradDipOutEd
David Rawson, BA(Hons), BEd(Sec), EdM, MACEL
Ms Cathy Rees, DipT, GradCertHlthSc. (WomHlth)
Mrs Jacqueline Rose-Diamond, BSc, PostgradDipEd(Sec)
Miss Jessica Smith, BOutEd, GDipEd
Ms Nisha Swanston, BSc(Hons)Multimedia Des&Tech,ProfGradCertEd(Des&Tech)
Dr Juliet Stone, BSc(Hons)(EarthSt),PhD,GrDipEd(Senior Yrs)
Ms Kathryn Talbot, BA/BEd(Sec), BA(Hons), M Phil
Ms Belinda Upton BSc, BEd
Mr Steven Van der Ros, BEd (Sec) (Hons), BIT, Cert IV Training & Assessment
Mrs Jennifer Winter, BA, MEd, HDE(Maths)
Mrs Christine Woodford, BSc, DipEd
Mrs Kelly Woods, BAccountingSc, PostGradCertEd

Instrumental Music Staff

Faculty Director Mr Paul Holley OAM, BAMus, GrdDipEd (Acting)
Coordinator of Bands Ms Laurinda Davidson, BAMus, GDipMusSt
Coordinator of Choral Programme Mr Paul Holley OAM, BAMus, GrdDipEd
Coordinator of Strings Mr Michael Patterson, BMus(Hons), MPhil GradDipLearning&Teach(Sec), LMusA, AMusA
Band Director, Percussion Teacher Mr Jacob Cavanough, BMus
Band  Director, Woodwind Teacher Miss Jessica Garvey, BMus, GrDipEd(Sec)
Band Director, Brass Teacher Mr Michael McGrath, BMus(Hons)/BEd(Sec) BMus
Band Director, Brass Specialist Mr Paul Johnston, BMusPerf, GradDipEd
Band Director, Woodwind Teacher Miss Ashleigh Porter, BMus, GDipEd
Accompanist, Piano Teacher Ms Anne-Maree Eyles, MEd (School Leadership), GradCertEdMgmt, GradDipEd, BMus, AMusA
Accompanist, Piano Teacher Ms Sherelle Eyles, MMus(RCM), ARCM (GradDip), BMus, LMusA, AMusA
Accompanist, Piano Teacher Ms Kylie Los, MMus, BMus
Accompanist, Piano Teacher Ms Kathryn Sander, Dip Mus (Creative Arts), B Mus (Perf – Accompaniment and Chamber Music), A Mus A
Accompanist, Piano Teacher Ms Cara Tran, BMus(Hons)
Choral Director, Voice Teacher Ms Clare Finlayson, BMus, BEd(Sec)
Choral Director, Voice Teacher Dr Gary Holley, BMusEd, MMus(MusEd), MMusSt(VocalPed), DMA, A.Mus.A
Double Bass and Cello Teacher Mrs Connie Garrett-Benson, BMus, GradDipEd
Flute, Oboe and Bassoon Teacher Mrs Anne MacAskill Auld, BMus(MusEd)
Guitar Teacher Mr Ian Weston, BJS (Dist), MMusSt
Strings Director, Cello Teacher Mrs Helen Sharp, BMus, GradDipMus
Strings Director, Upper Strings Teacher Mr Jonathan Zorzetto, BMus/BEd
Strings Director, Upper Strings Teacher Ms Josephine Pollicina, BMus(Hons), MPhil

Language Tutors (Native Speakers)

French Ms Corrinne Scruby BA, DipEd
Japanese Ms Aya Topp, BAEd
German Mrs Martina Todd, BCom, GradDip Adv Acctg, CA, GAICD
Chinese Ms Julie Zhu BA, MA(AppLing), GradDipEd

Specialist Staff

Post-Secondary Planning Mrs Wanda Hayes BSc(Psych), DipEd, DipSchCouns, FCDAA
Director of Student Counselling Mrs Jody Forbes, BA(Hons)
School Psychologist Mrs Tara McLachlan, BPsychSc, MPsychClin, MAPS
School Psychologist Ms Lisa Manning, BA, BA(Hons), MClinPsych
School Nurse Mrs Louise Lockyer, BNurs
Mrs Deb Conn, RN
Mrs Carolyn Hann, RN
Ms Kristin Kavanagh, RN
Mrs Susan Micallef, BNurs
Mrs Anna Pilcher (Midwifery)

Professional Staff

Academic Administration Officer Mrs Karen Forester
Academic Administration Officer Miss Nicola Gunn, BInfTech
Academic Administration Officer Ms Katie West
Accountant Mrs Emma Strang, BBus(Acc), CPA
Administrative Assistant – ASC Mrs Jennifer Stafford
Administrative Assistant – ASC Ms Gillian McHarg
Administration Assistant – Facilities Mrs Melanie Bishop, Cert 1v Bus, Cert IV Training & Assessment
Administrative Assistant – IT Mrs Wendy Bradley
Administrative Assistant – IT Ms Jodie Oldfield
Administrative Assistant – Music Mrs Elizabeth Worth
Administrative Assistant – Sport Mrs Wendy Porter, BBus
Administration Officer – Student Reception Mrs Tracey Bilton
Alumnae Relations Manager Ms Antonia Swindells, DipEvents
Assistant Facilities Manager Mr Andrew Supple, DipMn, DipBusAdmin
Assistant Financial Accountant Miss Monica Djaja,BAcc, MCom
Carpenter Mr Robert Vogler
Communications Manager Mrs Veena Herron, BCommun(Hons), BJourn
Communications Officer Ms Abby Woods, BBus(Mktg), BJourn
Database Administrator Mr Lewis Kelly, BInfTech
Development Officer Mrs Stella Sheil, AssocDipBus(Acc), BBus(Tourism), CertIV Training & Assessment, DipLeaderhip & Mgt
Enrolments Manager Mrs Julie Drew, PGDipLitEd, BEd
Enrolments Officer Mrs Julia McPaul BN, GrDipECE
Events Officer Mrs Nicola Taylor, BCI
Executive Assistant to the Principal Ms Lara Parker
Facilities Support Officer Mrs Leonie Doran
Facilities Support Officer – Ground & Events Mr John Summers#
Finance Manager Ms Hannah Myatt, BCom(Acc), CPA
Horticulturist Mr Ben McCann
Human Resources Manager Mrs Brigitte Bickham
Information Systems Manager Mr Robert Simmons, DipComputerStudies, CNE, MCSE
IT Helpdesk Support Officer Mr Craig Hohrmann
IT Helpdesk Support Officer Mrs Allison Luque
IT Helpdesk Support Officer Mr Joseph Samson
IT Senior Desktop Support Technician Mr Dane Culley, Cert IV IT (Networking), BBiotech
IT Services Manager Mr Breck Felsman, BInfoTech, MCSE
Laboratory Technician Dr Megan Scilipoti, BSc(Hons), PhD
Laboratory Technician Ms Emily Grundgeiger, BAppSc
Laboratory Technician Mr Anthony Lumsden, BSc(Hons)
Librarian – Special Collections Mrs Jenny Davis, BA(Hons), GradDipArts
Library Technician Mrs Janet Tripp, DipLibInfoStudies, BInfSt
Library Assistant Ms Tilly Askey
Library Assistant Ms Robynne Kilborne Blake, LLB, BA
Manager of Collections Ms Lorraine Thornquist, BA, DipEd, MA, Cert III Tourism, GradCertMuseumSt
Manager, School History and Culture Mrs Pauline Harvey-Short, BHMS, DipT(PE), MPhil, FACHPER, FRLSS
Payroll Officer Mrs Sharon Rose
Personal Assistant to Chief Financial Officer Ms Kirsti Moyle
Personal Assistant to Deputy Principals Ms Sally Condon
Project Manager (IT) Mr Manny Stavropoulos, BInfTech
Receptionist Mrs Rachael Quinn
Reference Librarian Ms Helen Demack, BA, GradDipLibSc
Repairs and Maintenance Officer Mr Robert Hetherington
Risk and Compliance Officer Mr Daniel Mitchell, BBus(Intl), GradDipAppFin
Senior Communications Officer Mrs Keziah Sydes, BCommun, BA
Senior Human Resources Advisor Ms Samantha Wilmore, MA, BA
Sports Manager Mr Liam Mulligan, BSp & Exercise Sc(Hons), ASCA Cert, AWF Cert, Cert IV Training and Assessment
Stores Officer Mr Phillip Hopkins
Team Leader, Grounds & Events Mr Ray Goodrich
Technical Support AV Specialist Mr David Joncheff
Technical Support AV Specialist Ms Maxine McCabe, BMus, MCommun
Web Systems Administrator Ms Maryam Nemati, MInfTech, BAAppMath(CommpSci)
Cleaner Ms Kerry Clutterbuck (Marrapatta)
Maintenance Officer Mr Peter Ward (Marrapatta)


#On approved leave