At Brisbane Girls Grammar School, a broad-based, liberal education provides girls and young women with the foundations for future success. Since 1875, this educational philosophy has guided the School’s approach to curriculum design and delivery.

The 21st century is a time of great challenge and opportunity. Some may suggest that what has occurred in the past is irrelevant to a world of digital connectivity, information access and instantaneity. Yet, while it may be tempting to be reactive to everything that is new, such an approach runs the risk of ignoring what is both known and sound about established, best-practice pedagogy.

The School is committed to deep, faculty-based learning in classrooms where thinking is visible—from both teacher and student perspectives.

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Health and Physical Education

International Studies


Creative Arts

Teaching and Learning

The collaborative learning environment at Girls Grammar provides educational experiences that are conceived and executed to foster the development of both traditional and emerging contemporary teaching and learning practice.

Academic Achievements

Girls Grammar’s consistently strong academic results reflect the School’s positive learning environment and reinforce its reputation as one of Australia’s leading girls’ schools.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education develops and strengthens students’ personal capacity, social capabilities and understanding of the natural world.

Outdoor Education


Girls Grammar’s outstanding facilities across its three campuses have been designed to support optimal teaching and learning.