Centre for School Wide Pedagogy

The Centre for School Wide Pedagogy was established in 2021. The Centre’s remit is to foster the deepening and development of teaching practice across all its various dimensions.

Pedagogy is a dynamic concept. It establishes the special bonds between teacher and learner. As Max van Manen (1991) noted

‘Pedagogy is not just a word. Pedagogy is not just found in observational categories, but like love and friendship in the experience of the presence … pedagogy is cemented deep in the relationship between adults and children’ (pg. 31).

More importantly, in these complex and confusing times, it provides a secure foundation essential for the effective transfer of knowledge and skills between teacher and learner. It is all about relationship and the relational. Our School Wide Pedagogy model was designed to tap into the special bond existing between teachers and students.

The elements of our model were designed to complement and hone the personal pedagogical gifts our staff bring to their classroom practice. This will hopefully ensure that our classroom practices remain dynamic, contemporary, tailored, and sensitive as a means by which to genuinely underscore our six-year curriculum experience.

A dynamic School Wide Pedagogy model is a way in which we can continue, in part, to explore a relevant 21st century articulation of a broad-based liberal education. The pedagogy underlying our teaching and learning must be both responsive and relevant if we are to imbue our students with the confidence to participate, question and discern across a variety of complex knowledges and issues.



van Manen, M 1991, The tact of the teaching: the meaning of pedagogical thoughtfulness, Suny Press, New York.