Faculty-based Learning

Girls Grammar is committed to discipline-specific, faculty-based learning.

Teachers are recruited on the basis of subject expertise as well as their approach to teaching and learning. Generally, staff teach in one discipline area and are esteemed as experts in their field. In turn, students are provided with rich and dynamic learning experiences commensurate with discipline depth. Such an organising principle is fundamental to the long-established cultural capital on which the School’s educational philosophy is based.

This is not antithetical to the concept of 21st century interdisciplinarity. The School’s commitment is to deep, faculty-based learning in classroom contexts where thinking is visible—from both teacher and student perspectives. Promoting the concept of visible thinking is fundamental to our approach to effective teaching and learning. Learning environments celebrate tried and true teaching and learning practice in a spirit of collaboration, teamwork and genuine pedagogical relationship.

The School’s Academic Program is divided into the following eight faculties:

Brisbane Girls Grammar School is committed to deepening knowledge and promoting wisdom. Our model of deep, faculty-based learning realises individual potential through critical inquiry, supportive encouragement and respectful relationships.

The fabric of the School is woven from rich, faculty-specific expertise, best practice teaching strategies and innovative approaches to learning, as everyday practice.

These shared beliefs underpin four Cornerstones of Classroom Learning:

  • knowledge acquisition based on motivation, engagement, commitment and perseverance
  • inspired learning through the collaborative interrogation of knowledge supported by deep and reflective thinking
  • personal mastery and achievement founded on high expectations of intellect, spirit and self
  • ethical decision-making grounded in empathetic understanding.

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