Giving to Girls Grammar

Giving to Girls Grammar

For more than 140 years, our generous donors have helped to sustain and strengthen the Girls Grammar experience, building the educational foundation for current and future generations of Grammar girls to contribute to their world with wisdom, imagination and integrity.

Your generous gift will continue to strengthen our vibrant learning environment and help to foster exceptional scholarship.

How your gift helps

Gifts to the following funds are tax-deductible and have an immediate impact.

  • Brisbane Girls Grammar School Building Fund Brisbane Girls Grammar School continues to upgrade and develop its facilities to provide the best educational opportunities for our students. Your contribution will assist us to progress the next phase of building development at the School, such as the remotely operated, robotic telescope and observatory at our Marrapatta Memorial Outdoor Education Centre.
  • Brisbane Girls Grammar School Library Fund The Library is the learning heart of the School, providing extensive opportunities for study and development. Your contribution ensures our students have access to a wide range of valuable and up-to-date resources.
  • Brisbane Girls Grammar School Bursary Fund  The Brisbane Girls Grammar School Bursary Fund will provide opportunities for talented girls whose families do not have the means to give their daughters a Girls Grammar education. Your contribution will provide life-changing learning experiences for future Grammar girls.

How to give

  • Donate online to the Building, Library or Bursary Funds using our secure eDonations facility
  • Donations to the development of the Rangakarra Recreational and Environmental Education Centre at Fig Tree Pocket or specific Sports Equipment Programmes can be made via the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF).
  • United States taxpayers may make tax effective donations to Brisbane Girls Grammar School via the Australian Independent Schools USA Foundation (AISUSAF)
  • To donate via cheque or direct deposit, please phone the School on +61 7 3332 1300.

Gift options

Gifts may comprise one or more of the following:

Cash Pledges A pledge commitment over one to six years is the preferred method of giving. By spreading your gifts over a number of years, you may find that you are able to make a more generous contribution. All gifts over $2 directed to the Brisbane Girls Grammar School Building, Bursary and Library Funds and the Sports Equipment Programme are tax deductible.
Assets and Property You may choose to give works of art, real estate, jewellery, boats, cars, collectibles or similar items of value. Artworks and cultural materials may be eligible for tax deductibility under the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program.
Shares and Debentures Gifts of investments would be welcome.
Income Distribution Gift You may choose to permit the School to receive income from capital, shares or real estate, while you retain ownership of the assets.
Interest-Free Loans You may permit the School use of spare funds for a specific period of time.
Bequests You may elect to include Brisbane Girls Grammar School as a beneficiary in your will by either providing a nominated sum of money, a percentage of your estate or a specific asset. Click here for information on the Bequest Programme.

Philanthropic Programmes