Roll of Electors

Roll of Electors

The School is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of at least seven but no more than nine members appointed by the Governor in Council: three elected by and from the School’s Roll of Electors (comprising eligible subscribers or donors to the School), four nominated by the Minister and up to an additional two chosen by the Board and nominated by the Minister.

The Trustees hold office for four years and at the end of that time are eligible for re-election or re-appointment. The next election will be held in 2018.

The School’s Electoral By-Laws, made under the Grammar Schools Regulations 2016 provide that any person making a single gift of at least $500 and less than $2000 will be entitled to vote in the electoral cycle during which the gift was made. The Board has determined that a person making a single gift of $2000 or more will be entitled to a perpetual or Life vote.

The School maintains a comprehensive Roll of Electors based on eligibility criteria determined in accordance with the School’s By-Laws and current and past provisions of the Grammar Schools Regulations 2016. Eligible electors can expect to be offered the opportunity to vote in the Board of Trustees elections.

Donations to the School’s Deductible Gift Recipient funds (Library Fund, Building Fund or Education Fund Bursaries and Scholarships) are gifts to the School for the purposes of the eligibility criteria. Donations to the School through the Australian Sports Foundation are not considered gifts to the School for the purposes of the eligibility criteria.

For further information regarding the elections, please contact Ms Rachel Fraser, Secretary to the Board of Trustees on 3332 1300 or email