Grammar Women

Students’ time at the School forms the foundation for a lifetime of connection to Girls Grammar and their fellow Grammar sisters. Grammar Women, incorporating the Old Girls Association, provides a framework for past students to maintain, strengthen and develop connections with fellow Grammar Women.

Grammar Women are friends and mentors who share common values, and support each other in their endeavours—regardless of background or interests.

The School provides many opportunities for alumnae to connect with their peers, mentors and other exceptional leaders through the Grammar Women program, which offers events and initiatives throughout the year.

Please see upcoming Grammar Women events detailed at the bottom of this page.


The School works with past students to support Grammar Women Reunions, which are held each year to celebrate 5-year reunions, 10-year reunions, and each subsequent 10-year milestone.

A list of upcoming Grammar Women events, including reunions, can be found below, or by viewing Upcoming Grammar Women Events.

The School also provides Grammar Women Reunion Guidelines to supports past students in organising their reunions.

The School’s Old Girls Association (OGA) is one of the oldest in Australia. Founded in 1899 and incorporated in 1997, the OGA supports networks that span countries, backgrounds and generations.

Graduating students become lifetime members of the OGA, and are welcome to return to the School at any time throughout their life beyond its gates.

With its extensive history, the OGA plays a fundamental role in preserving and enriching the traditions and culture of the School for all new generations of Grammar Women.

The OGA is governed by an enthusiastic committee of diverse members, ranging from new graduates to long-serving Grammar Women. The committee takes great pride in working alongside the School to support alumnae and School initiatives.

The OGA offers a range of Girls Grammar memorabilia available for purchase at the School. To enquire about memorabilia, or find out more about the OGA Committee, please contact the President via email.

Mrs Julie Caton (Cleghorn, 1981)

Vice President
Ms Joanne Marks (2005)

Ms Samantha Caton (2016)

Mrs Leigh Fielding (Gow, 1984)

The following annual reports from the President are available to view:




2016 (held 2017)

2015 (held 2016)

2014 (held 2015)

Keep in touch

Grammar Women are always welcome to contact or visit the School. The School also encourages past students to connect with their fellow Grammar Women on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn about upcoming reunions and events and stay up-to-date on news from the School.

To find out more about the School or enquire about Grammar Women, contact the Alumnae Relations Manager via email.

Alumnae Stories

The School’s alumnae have diverse aspirations and pursue a range of career paths, reflecting the School’s broad, liberal approach to teaching and learning. View a selection of the stories of our Grammar Women.

Bishbar Blue E-Newsletter

Launched in 2020, Bishbar Blue is our alumnae newsletter, circulated to all past students and shares stories of our diverse alumnae in each edition. The School hopes that alumnae will find moments of interest, inspiration, optimism, and even a little humour, in each edition.