Old Girls Association

Old Girls Association

The Old Girls Association is one of the oldest in Australia, founded in 1899 and incorporated in 1997. The stained glass window (pictured) commemorates the centenary of the Association and sits above the western passage to the Annie Mackay Room.

In December 2016, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the School and the Old Girls Association, outlining the roles and responsibilities of the various parties concerned with communication and service to past students of the School. As a result of the MOU, the term ‘alumni’ will no longer be used and past students of the School will be referred to as Grammar Women.

The role and purpose of Grammar Women, incorporating the OGA established 1899 is:

  • ‘Friendraising’ for the School and enhancing its reputation
  • Supporting School events and activities
  • Sponsoring and assisting with organising functions and events, particularly reunions, to forge links among Grammar Women and Old Girls and strengthen connections with the School
  • Maintaining the School’s traditions and championing the School’s strategic directions
  • Passing on the School culture and its spirit to new generations of Grammar Girls and Women
  • Forming networks for mentoring and career/life skills development

The Old Girls Association and the School’s Development and Alumni Department schedule various Grammar Women events throughout the year and invite members of the School community to participate in them.

Management Committee

The Committee for 2017 was elected at the Annual General Meeting in April 2017. The following are the members:

Mrs Julie Caton (Cleghorn, 1981) — President
Mrs Grainia Schmelzer (King, 1981) — Vice President
Mrs Leigh Fielding (Gow, 1984) — Treasurer
Dr Sue Wilson (1981) — Secretary
Mrs Pauline Harvey-Short (Harvey, 1971) — School Representative
Mrs Dorothy Bourguignon (Scotney, 1958)
Mrs Ann Caston (Pressland, 1958)
Mrs Jenny Gray (Vallis, 1969)
Mrs Sue Jordan (Squire, 1967)
Dr Kim Morgan-Short (Skuce, 1981)
Mrs Sylvia Pegg (Gaulton, 1965)
Mrs Janine Schmidt AM (Hogg, 1964) (Past President)
Mrs Michelle Tully (Oswin, 1981)
Mrs Kirsten Whip (Macallister, 1981)

The Committee meets twice each term and contributes actively to the School in a variety of ways including participating in the School’s Open Days and the annual Gala Concert through the provision of refreshments during the interval.

Annual Reports

Annual reports from the President for the last three years are available:

2016 (held 2017)
2015 (held 2016)

2014 (held 2015)


Old Girls Memorabilia – Memorabilia including coffee cups, tea towels, bracelets and wine glasses bearing the School crest are available for sale. Please make email enquiries to OldGirlsAssociation@bggs.qld.edu.au. Items are also available for sale at the P&F Shop located at the School.

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Contact us

Mrs Julie Caton (Cleghorn, 1981)
Email: OGAPresident@bggs.qld.edu.au

Vice President
Mrs Grainia Schmelzer (King, 1981)
Email: OGAVicePresident@bggs.qld.edu.au

Dr Sue Wilson (1981)
Email: OGASecretary@bggs.qld.edu.au

Mrs Leigh Fielding (Gow, 1984)
Email: OGATreasurer@bggs.qld.edu.au