Any student who has any COVID-19 symptoms should not attend School and should seek a Rapid Antigen Test or PCR test. They should wait until they are symptom-free before they return to School.

The School Health Centre is able to look after students who develop symptoms throughout the school day. These students will be isolated and sent home as soon as possible.

To assist parents to navigate COVID-19 requirements, please refer to this table, which sets out different scenarios and provides advice as to the action required.

Guidelines as to any quarantine arrangements that may be required as a result of a student testing positive while at School are awaited and we will provide further information, once this is clarified.

The Queensland Government advice in relation to masks requires all high school students, including those who are under 12 years of age, to wear a mask unless they are seated indoors or outdoors or are able to maintain a 1.5 metre distance from others.

We ask all students to ensure they are wearing a mask as per the above guidelines. Please ensure that your daughter has an adequate supply of masks for use at School.

The Queensland Government does not require parents to notify the School of any positive COVID results in students.  Therefore, BGGS will not always know if there is a COVID positive case in our community, and will be unable to notify all parents of this.

If quarantine arrangements are advised by Queensland Health, as a result of a girl being identified as COVID positive, the School will notify anyone impacted by these arrangements.

Students who are required to isolate can access all lesson outlines and daily class resources via their class pages on Minerva, if they are well enough to do so. If your daughter is required to isolate and is unable to attend School, please advise your daughter’s Head of House.

The School will update this page with information and communicate via BGGS News. Parents will also receive an update via direct email if required.

Students experiencing any COVID symptoms should not attend school and seek a Rapid Antigen Test or PCR test. They should wait until they are symptom-free before they return to School.

Please contact Main Reception on 07 3332 1300 to allow your query to be directed to the most appropriate staff member.