Brisbane Girls Grammar School nurtures a thriving culture of ‘giving back’. Proud of the philanthropic principles upon which the School was founded, we foster a climate of opportunity and contribution for current Grammar girls and future Grammar Women.

The School has a long tradition of educating girls from diverse backgrounds and is committed to accessibility and support, enabling girls of promise and capability that otherwise might not be able to attend Girls Grammar.

The School is committed to establishing and maintaining a sustainable bursary program to support families for whom there is a reduced capacity to pay for a Girls Grammar education, providing avenues of access to the broader community.

Despite its strong academic reputation, Brisbane Girls Grammar School is an academically non-selective school and does not offer any other scholarships.

Please note: Bursaries are available for Year 7 entry only. Applications for Year 7 2023 have now closed. Information on Bursary Applications for 2024 can be found below.

Current Bursaries: Year 7 2024

Brisbane Girls Grammar School welcomes bursary applications for students commencing Year 7 in 2024. The following needs-based bursaries are awarded to students who display the qualities of a Grammar girl—curious, principled, adventurous, balanced and independent—but who would be unable to attend the School without financial assistance.

The BGGS Parents & Friends Association Bursary and Maria Sulima Bursary provide remission of up to 100 per cent of tuition fees for Years 7 to 12.

Applicants must:

  • sit the ACER 2023 Cooperative Test on Saturday 25 February 2023. Applicants can register for the ACER test here. Registrations close at midnight Monday 6 February 2023
  • return the relevant completed Bursary Application Forms (available below) with supporting documents to the School by Tuesday 28 February 2023.

For further information about applying for bursaries, please contact the Enrolments Office on +61 7 3332 1436 or email enrolments@bggs.qld.edu.au.

  • BGGS Parents & Friends Association Bursary Application Form

  • Maria Sulima Bursary Application Form

BGGS Parents & Friends Association Bursary

The BGGS Parents & Friends Association Bursary is a new perpetual bursary that will allow a new student, every six years, to attend our School from Years 7 to 12. The inaugural bursary will be presented to the recipient at the Annual Speech Day and Distribution of Prizes ceremony in November 2023, with the student commencing at Girls Grammar in January 2024.

This bursary was announced in 2022 to mark the P&F Association’s 70th anniversary.

The recipient will be a girl who displays:

  • the characteristics of a Grammar Girl—curious, principled, adventurous, balanced and a leader
  • character and leadership traits that demonstrate a ready willingness to participate in a range of educational and school-related activities
  • evidence of intellectual and systematic curiosity and an eagerness to embrace the breadth of opportunity with a potential to lead
  • active participation and achievement in co-curricular programs such as sport, visual arts, drama, music, debating and community service
  • academic potential, reflected in effort, attitude and performance, and supported by references from their school
  • sound performance in the independent ACER Scholarship Test.

Maria Sulima Bursary

The Maria Sulima Bursary is means-tested and awarded to a student who displays the qualities of a Grammar Girl. The terms, as laid out by Dr Maria Sulima, are to provide the Bursary to a girl:

  • whose parents are unable to pay, or would have financial difficulty in paying, school fees
  • whose character, talent, academic ability and intelligence suggest that they will take full advantage of the opportunities that the Bursary offers.

The Bursary may be awarded pursuant to recommendation by the Principal of Brisbane Girls Grammar School and will provide remission of up to 100 per cent of tuition fees (only) for Year 7 to Year 12.

Annual renewal of the Bursary is dependent upon the recipient’s ongoing academic performance and contribution to the wider School community, and on an independent review of the parents’/guardians’ financial position if required by the Principal.

The Principal holds the final decision whether or not to award the Bursary and may consult with the Board of Trustees on this decision.

Dr Maria Sulima

The Maria Sulima Bursary is awarded in honour of Dr Maria Sulima. Born in 1911 in Galicia, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Dr Maria Sulima arrived in Brisbane in 1949.

Having attained a Doctorate in Law and Economics from Florence University, Maria established a thriving business in Brisbane as a real estate agent and operated a translation service and migration agency.

Education and academic achievement were important in her life and underpinned her belief that women should have the opportunity to benefit from an excellent education.

In 1992, the year prior to her death, Dr Maria Sulima visited Brisbane Girls Grammar School. She chose Girls Grammar as the vehicle to fulfil her dream of providing an exceptional education to young women.

In 1993, funds were bequeathed to the School to provide the Maria Sulima Bursary, with the first bursaries awarded in 1995.