Enrolment Information

Enrolment Information

Congratulations on taking the first step towards enrolling your daughter or daughters at Brisbane Girls Grammar School. Our enrolment procedures are outlined below, however additional information on the School can be found in our Enrolments Information booklet online (or download the Enrolments Information PDF for later reading)

Traditionally, girls join our School in the first year of secondary school in Queensland, which is Year 7; however, with globalisation and increased labour mobility, places can become available throughout the year in all year levels. Places in Years 8 – 11 are offered at the discretion of the Principal, and we encourage families interested in places for their daughters in Years 8 – 11 to enquire through the Enrolments Office.

You are welcome to contact the Enrolments Office on +61 7 3332 1436 or email enrolments@bggs.qld.edu.au if you have any additional questions or wish to discuss your daughter’s application.

Enrolment Applications

Brisbane Girls Grammar School accepts applications for enrolment any time after birth.

Submit your enrolment application using the online application form.

A copy of your daughter’s birth certificate and proof of citizenship or residency if born overseas, or if both parents were born overseas, are required at the time of application. Please read the Enrolment Application Terms and Conditions for further information.

Enrolment Places

For Year 7, the School offers places approximately three years prior to the year of entry. Places are offered to applicants on the School’s Enrolment Application List in strict date order of receipt of the completed enrolment application, with further offers made up until commencement.

Accepting a Place

A signed Student Enrolment Agreement, along with payment of a Confirmation Fee are required to accept a place at the School. All places offered are conditional upon receipt of the following documents, when requested by the School:

School reports and NAPLAN results – demonstrating completion of Years 5 and 6 at an Australian school (or an equivalent overseas school where the main language of instruction is English) to a standard that will not disadvantage the applicant upon enrolment in the School’s academic programmes.

Proof of English language proficiency – All applicants must be proficient in English language appropriate for the entry year level to ensure their readiness to meet the curriculum demands of the School. An applicant who is unable to demonstrate English language proficiency based on her school reports must provide a certificate of English fluency from the Australian Education Services (www.aeas.com.au) to the minimum standard outlined in the Enrolment Application Terms and Conditions.

Other documentation – any other information relevant to the education or welfare of you daughter including medical reports, educational testing, learning plans or court orders.

Changes to Enrolment Applications

The School must be notified of any change to the parent’s contact details provided on the enrolment application.

Parents should advise the School of any change sought to the proposed entry year as soon as possible. If the offer process for the entry year sought has commenced, the School cannot guarantee a place.

Advance Fee Payment

Parents are required to pay an Advance Fee in the month of May prior to the year of entry. The Advance Fee is non-refundable and credited to the first term’s Tuition Fee.

Please view the Enrolments Fee Schedule for details of fees and charges.

Entry for international students

Brisbane Girls Grammar School does not offer courses to girls wishing to study in Australia as an international student on a student visa.