For the girls

For the girls

Hear from our Year 7 girls about their first months at Girls Grammar, making friends, learning about the School and enjoying the variety of subjects and co-curricular activities.

I don’t know anyone going to Girls Grammar, how will I make friends?

Secondary school is where life-long friendships are formed and it’s a wonderful place to meet new people from all different backgrounds. Girls come from all over Brisbane to attend the School, and many of them will be in a similar situation of not knowing other students. On the first day of school, everyone is new and will be feeling the same.

In the year prior to starting at Girls Grammar you will be invited to join in several activities and events designed to introduce you to the Grammar community and other girls from your year. These include Open Day and House Afternoon Teas where you will get to meet other girls from your house, so there will be familiar faces when you start at the School.

Once you have started at Girls Grammar there is an extraordinary range of activities and clubs that will help you meet and make long-lasting friendships with other girls with the same interests and hobbies as you.

Firstly your classes will be organised by House so you will already know some girls from the activities you attend before starting school. You will spend the year together so will have lots of time to get to know these girls. Secondly, there are House Group assemblies every week which includes students from all years so you will get to meet other girls from across the School. You will also receive a letter from your “buddy” over the Christmas holidays, welcoming you to the School.

Take a look at our Welcome Back video to get an idea of the what the first day of the School year is like.

What if I struggle with the workload?

We understand the move to secondary school is a big step. The teachers at Girls Grammar are aware and supportive of this change and have appropriate expectations of their students. We also know that students have different strengths and interests and may need support in some areas of schooling. Your teachers are always available to help with any challenges you are facing and will support you through you learning experience.

How does the House system work? What are the House names, colours and mascots? Can I choose which one I am in?

The House system is the basis of student care throughout the School. There are nine Houses and each girl belongs to a House and is cared for by the Head of that House, House Group teachers and counsellors. Houses are full of colour and life and bring girls together through fun-filled activities including dress up days. Houses are allocated by the School and you are informed of your House prior to starting at Girls Grammar. Houses and colours are listed below:

Gibson Purple
Griffith Red
Woolcock Yellow
Lilley Green
Beanland Pink
Mackay White
O’Connor Maroon
England Blue
Hirschfeld Orange

In addition, two House Captains are elected from the Year 12 cohort for each House and each Year 7 girl will be paired with a Year 12 student buddy. The House system builds connections within the School community and helps you gain a sense of belonging which in turn will help you develop and grow socially, emotionally and intellectually.

What sports can I participate in?

Sport offers a chance for everyone to participate and feel part of a team, providing leadership, decision-making and teamwork skills that are highly valued in future careers and life pursuits. Girls Grammar has 18 competitive sports on offer and is a member of the Queensland Girls’ Secondary School Sports Association. We participate in a range of Brisbane Club associations as well as operating a comprehensive interhouse programme.

In addition, the School offers lifestyle activities such as yoga, pilates, aqua aerobics, fitness and rock climbing.

What ‘fun’ things does Girls Grammar offer?

At Girls Grammar we believe that what goes on outside the classroom can be just as important as what goes on inside. While lessons are planned to be interesting and engaging, the life of the School is so much more than the academic. With 18 competitive sports on offer, almost 30 music ensembles, more than 25 service clubs and a range of co-curricular groups there are endless opportunities to get involved in the excitement and ‘fun’ of the school.

There are cake-baking competitions, busking in the grounds, dance parties, art walks, yoga, rock-climbing, war cries, blue days and House parties, just to name a few. At Girls Grammar we celebrate our successes together and support each other in our endeavours.

What type of food does the School café have?

Do not fear – there is chocolate! The school operates a café and canteen that serves food from a variety of cultures and caters for vegetarians. In addition to sandwiches and rolls there is a choice of hot meals available that change daily and a range of healthy snacks to see you through the day.

The menu is made available online each week.

What is the uniform like?

The Girls Grammar uniform instils in each girl who wears it a sense of pride and belonging to a School community rich in history and tradition. The classic colour palette of blue, white and navy is stylish and symbolic of our School.

Upon graduation many Grammar girls keep certain uniform items such as the hat, blazer and badge as a keepsake and reminder of their time at the School.

Do we interact with Brisbane Boys Grammar?

There are a number of activities, events and programmes throughout the school year that involve students from Brisbane Grammar School. These may include Grammar Singers, theatre productions, Tae Kwon Do, tennis coaching at Boys Grammar, and the Calligraphy Club.