School philosophy

School philosophy

Does Girls Grammar only cater for those who are talented academically?

Brisbane Girls Grammar is an academically non-selective school that has a life-wide approach to learning and seeks to nurture the talents and interests of every girl. While our programmes have a strong academic focus, they are carefully structured to be progressive learning experiences across a range of pursuits that will help unlock each and every girl’s potential. Whether it is in sport, music, academic achievement, personal maturity, or the special capacity for friendship, leadership or service, all talents are nurtured and celebrated.

Outdoor Education is a core component of our curriculum that provides experiences outside of the traditional classroom setting and inspires in girls the confidence that they can achieve, no matter what the sphere.

 As a non-denominational school how do you nurture the girls’ personal development? 

Student care at Girls Grammar is expertly tailored to teenaged girls and is responsive to the needs and developmental age of the individual. Through the Student Care programme, all students learn about what is and what is not acceptable behaviour with regard to their peer group relationships, and staff reinforce this at every opportunity. The School is organised so that there is a group of people whose core business involves overseeing the social and emotional elements of the girls’ education however the provision of care and the development of student well-being is the domain of every teacher in every classroom. This ensures that our girls receive a truly holistic education.

As a secular school, we embrace all religions and philosophies. We are proud of our strong culture of Service and believe that providing opportunities for girls to give back to the community is a vital component of our Co-curricular programme. Grammar Girls are encouraged to create a meaningful link between their School life and the wider community. Girls commit time and energy to community service, raise funds for charities and worthy causes and help create awareness for issues and causes on a local and global scale.

How are girls encouraged to be socially aware and active in their community?

Providing opportunities for Grammar girls to give back to the community is a valued part of our Co-curricular programme. It not only benefits the wider community, but it also gives the girls a deeper appreciation of people in need and a positive sense of community.

Our girls take on leadership roles in the Service programme that enhances their sense of purpose and gratitude and contributes to their personal, social and emotional development. They also gain a greater understanding of how to develop successful projects that can make a difference to the lives of others.

There are a number of ways students participate and contribute during their time at the School, including:

  • Year 8 and 9 Sponsor Child (World Vision)
  • Compulsory Year 10 Community Service Programme
  • Year 11 and 12 Voluntary Community Service
  • Fundraising for House and School Charities
  • Contributing to School Charities.

For more information please visit our Service page.

What are the benefits of a girls school over a co-educational school? 

Our expert staff and tailored programmes ensure that Brisbane Girls Grammar School is a leader in girls’ education. Adolescent girls thrive in a learning environment with a specialised focus that nurtures and supports them through their teenage years.

There are numerous benefits of attending a girls’ school that has for more than 140 years, expertly educated, supported and nurtured girls through their formative years at secondary school, and prepared them to be well-rounded, young women upon graduation. The environment we offer not only provides academic advantages where girls can focus and excel, but also provides a place where girls can aspire to leadership positions and benefit from strong and inspiring mentors within the School.

Girls Grammar is a large school – will my daughter get lost?

The Student Care programme operated through the House system ensures that each girls receives individual care and attention. A student to teacher ratio of 1:11 and small class sizes allow for individual attention. The resources available to girls at this School provide opportunities that may not be accessible in a smaller school. We offer more than 120 co-curricular activities and opportunities to participate in national and international competitions and forums.

Where do the girls come from?

As Brisbane Girls Grammar School is a city school at the edge of Brisbane’s CBD, our catchment is very large and girls come from a diverse range of schools (typically 80+), with approximately seventy per cent of students coming from state schools and thirty per cent from independent and Catholic schools.

Our girls also come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and bring a multitude of life experiences with them and this diversity continues to enrich our School community. Also, as labour forces continuing to globalise and mobilise, there are a growing number of families who join our School directly after spending time abroad on overseas work postings. We embrace girls from all nationalities but do not currently offer courses to girls wishing to study in Australia as an international student on a student visa.