University destinations and careers

University destinations and careers

Where do girls go on to after Girls Grammar?

Grammar girls are well prepared as independent learners that have the confidence and ability to pursue further study. The overwhelming majority of graduates of Brisbane Girls Grammar School go on to undertake some form of further recognised studies after graduation. In 2015, 96 per cent of of Brisbane Girls Grammar School graduates received offers to undertake a Bachelor Degree, with 86 per cent receiving their first, second or third university preference. This included 24 university scholarships offered in Queensland, interstate and internationally.

As the School provides a liberal education that helps girls discover and nurture their individual strengths, this naturally results in our girls studying across a broad range of disciplines and going on to forge careers across diverse fields. The universities and courses chosen by our graduates are many and varied — Queensland, interstate and overseas.

Notable alumni include:

  • Australia’s first female stockbroker Margaret Mittelheuser
  • Supreme Court judge Margaret McMurdo
  • Former Australian High Commissioner to South Africa Anne Harrap
  • Cancer researcher Professor Adele Green
  • Actors Angie Milliken and Anna McGahan
  • Sportswoman Daphne Pirie
  • Kathryn Zealand who completed up to third year University Mathematics courses whilst still at School.

Read the stories of a selection of our former students across academia, business, law, medicine, science, sports, the arts, diplomatic, and humanitarian fields.

Do girls study art, theatre and music? And for the girls who take a more artistic path, do they go on to successful careers?

The Girls Grammar curriculum is designed to nurture exceptional scholarship and engage students in a wide range of disciplines. Students are encouraged to select subjects they enjoy. It follows that girls with strengths in particular disciplines are more likely to achieve well, so long as they are dedicated and thorough in their approach to the coursework.

In Year 7 all girls study Visual Art, Drama, Music and Technology and in Year 8, they complete semester units in Visual Art, Drama, Music and Multimedia and Interactive Technologies.

By Years 9 and 10, girls can complement their study of core subjects by selecting two electives from Visual Art, Multimedia and Interactive Technologies (MIT), Drama, Geography, Music or a second Language (Chinese, French, German, Japanese or Latin). In Years 11 and 12, students choose their full suite of subjects and Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Information Technology Systems are among the subjects on offer.

Many Brisbane Girls Grammar School students who went on to further studies in the arts after graduation have had wonderfully successful careers. Follow the links below to read more about our Grammar Women in the Arts event and profiles of some of our successful arts graduates.