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Senior Drama Production

Thursday 16 May 2019
7:00pm to 8:30pm
Brisbane Girls Grammar School
Gehrmann Theatre
Noa Rotem
Production Manager:
Mrs Katrina Riveros
Lighting Designer:
Bailey McIntosh
Sound Designer:
Isabella Hall
$10 each
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Medea is one of the greatest Greek tragedies. It is a powerful story of betrayal and revenge. It is both tender and terrifying.

Medea is a wife and mother. However, when her husband, Jason, abandons her to start a new life, Medea’s fury quickly grows. Threatened by banishment and outcast by most, she feels trapped. She begs the King of Corinth for one day’s grace before being banished. It is not long … but long enough.

Driven by hurt that turns to rage, Jason will suffer Medea’s wrath. She will remind him that there are many layers to a woman—he is about to find out just how complex Medea can be. She can lure, manipulate, protest and see right through him—she will not let his rejection of her win.

Her convictions blind her from her own moral sense as she concocts a terrible plan. She enacts an appalling revenge, destroying everything she holds dear.

Set in the mysterious depths of Medea’s chambers, where her dark thoughts turn to desperate action, the production creates a painful, layered vision of passion and betrayal.

Guest director, Noa Rotem’s physical score gives us a chorus who transcend the text and punctuate Medea’s thoughts and action with visceral movement. As onlookers of her betrayal, the chorus are shocked, saddened and enraged at the events to which they bear witness. They see and hear her plan of vengeance but they cannot stop her … her supernatural powers are now in the fate of the gods.