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Senior Drama Production – The Book of Everything

Brisbane Girls Grammar School warmly invites you to the Senior Drama Production of The Book of Everything, staged in the Gehrmann Theatre on Thursday 13, Friday 14 and Saturday 15 May 2021.

Friday 14 May 2021
6:30pm to 8:00pm
Gehrmann Theatre

About the play

‘When I grow up, I want to be happy.’

This is nine-year-old Thomas Klopper’s biggest wish. He’s not your ordinary little boy. He is quite extraordinary. Thomas sees things that no-one else can see—an unseasonal hailstorm, the canal streaming with tropical fish and plagues of frogs leaping down the main street! Thomas draws them and writes it all down in his book: The Book of Everything.

An adaptation of Guus Kuijer’s novel by Richard Tulloch, the play takes its audience to Amsterdam in the summer of 1951. In the aftermath of World War Two, fear and suspicion hang heavily in the air. But through the naïve eyes of our endearing hero, Thomas, we are immersed in the joy, wonderment and magic of his world.

The Klopper household is led by the serious, conservative, and strictly religious Father who proclaims the only book that is of worth is the Bible. Thomas’s innocent mistakes and wild imaginings are met with punishment from his Papa. His sweet Mother tries to break the tension, but she too is met with the controlling force of her husband.
Thomas forges an unlikely bond with the eccentric and ‘probably communist’ widowed and witchy neighbour, Mrs van Amersfoort, who shares her books with her newfound friend. Thomas visits her often to share their love of reading, listen to music and escape their circumstances. She inspires Thomas to follow his search for happiness by facing his fears.

Thomas also meets Eliza, the prettiest girl he has ever seen. And the ever-so-chilled Jesus drops in for a casual chat from time to time. Thomas listens, he ponders, and he acts. The story proves that it doesn’t take the biggest or smartest person to make a change—kindness and bravery are powerful traits.

Directed by Head of Drama, Ms Katrina Riveros, this production brings Thomas’ vivid imagination to life through visual theatricality with playful ensemble action, video animation and live sound, crafting small moments of magic. The Book of Everything reminds us to believe, to imagine and to act when we see injustice.

This story is suitable for ages 10 and over. For any enquiries, please contact Events Coordinator, Ms Elisha Grech.