Year 7 and 8 Artwork

Visual Art fosters curiosity and imagination, and teaches students how to generate and apply creative solutions in various problem-solving contexts.

During Year 7, girls acquire an understanding of visual language and knowledge of artworks while developing skills and techniques. In Year 8, painting, digital photography and video are undertaken and built upon in later years as the curriculum progresses from a teacher-directed format, to a more student-directed approach in Year 12.

Last semester, after studying the work of Brisbane artist, Sophie Munns, Year 7 girls created a folio of works focusing on seedpod drawings titled, Homage to the Seed. Using a collection of different native seedpods, girls explored the techniques of observation, drawing, and mark-making, using a bamboo quill and ink to create their seedpod.

Year 8 students concentrated on the concept, Precious, using objects of personal significance. Girls initially explored a variety of painting and photography techniques before translating their ideas into acrylic paintings to highlight their precious objects.

Evie Kolff van Oosterwijk (8M)

Alicia Fuller (7E)

Luxe Godfrey-Asseraf (8M)

Ainsley Mills (7E)

Philomena Lin (8E)

Chloe Burnett (7E)

Maddie Miettinen (8B)

Chelsea Tam (7E)

Tara Meade (8H)