Year 7 and 8 Artwork

After studying the work of Brisbane artist, Sophie Munns, Year 7 girls created a folio of works focusing on seedpod drawings titled, Homage to the Seed. Using a collection of different native seedpods, girls explored the techniques of observation, drawing, and mark-making, using a bamboo quill and ink to create their seedpod.

This semester, Year 8 students concentrated on the concept, Precious, using objects of personal significance. Girls initially explored a variety of painting and photography techniques before translating their ideas into acrylic paintings to highlight their precious objects.

Evie Kolff van Oosterwijk (8M)

Alicia Fuller (7E)

Luxe Godfrey-Asseraf (8M)

Ainsley Mills (7E)

Philomena Lin (8E)

Chloe Burnett (7E)

Maddie Miettinen (8B)

Chelsea Tam (7E)

Tara Meade (8H)