From the classroom: Year 10 Physical Education

Creating routines to demonstrate physical prowess, exploring visualisation and imagery, executing vice-grip tows to rescue a casualty in the water, discussing ethical issues in sport, and working in teams to apply tactics to score the most points in game play… These are just a few of the learning activities students experience in Year 10 Physical Education.

This is the second year Physical Education has been offered to Year 10 students as an elective subject and it has been positively embraced. The subject prepares students for Senior Physical Education and they experience the enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction that is possible through informed engagement in physical activities.

Year 10 students are currently perfecting their jumping jacks, high-kicks and push-ups with the goal of delivering an energetic and polished sport aerobics performance. Sport aerobics is an aesthetic sport which combines fitness, dance and gymnastics. Students develop the ability to perform skill elements and movement patterns.

The aim throughout our lessons is to primarily build skills through the development of muscular strength, power and flexibility. Students are introduced to music mapping as they learn to choreograph a creative routine where movements are to be executed with precision, fluidity and amplitude. At the conclusion of the unit, this routine is performed to music at a high intensity.

Physical Education is unique in that it involves performance-based education, which involves students learning about, through, and in physical activity. Our students study theoretical units such as skill acquisition, exercise physiology, psychology and sociology. Alongside this, they develop their physical performance in basketball, sport aerobics, golf and lifesaving (achieving their Bronze Medallion).

Miss Kayley McCorley
Health and Physical Education Teacher

Eloise Doerfer (10G) and Annabel Douglas (10R)

Annabelle Hill (10B) and Quinn Porceddu (10L)