Sigma Maths

Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers Year 7 and 8 Quiz

In August, two teams comprising Year 7 and 8 students participated in the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers competition at St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace. Girls attended practice sessions in the weeks leading up to the competition to test their speed, accuracy, estimation and problem-solving skills. Both teams performed admirably on the day, finishing in fourth and fifth place.

Year 7 Sigma Maths

Throughout the term, the Year 7 Sigma Maths group competed in the Australian Problem Solving Maths Olympiad completing the final three problem sets in the series. Girls enjoyed the challenge of working on interesting problems and then sharing their solutions with the group to further develop their communication and problem-solving skills.

Maths Challenge for Young Australians

The results for the Maths Challenge for Young Australians were released at the beginning of Term 3. Congratulations to Selena Song (10E) and Sandra Jiang (9W) who were awarded Certificates of Distinction in this competition.

Maths for Young Australians Enrichment Program

Students have submitted their final solutions for the Maths for Young Australians Enrichment Program problems. Three workshops were held throughout the term for students in Years 8 and 9 focussing on Diophantine equations, methods of counting and congruence. The workshops were useful in providing background knowledge for the problems sets that girls completed at home. We look forward to receiving the results for this competition next term.

Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee’s Senior Contest

Congratulations to Samantha Tang (10L) who was invited to participate in the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee’s (AMOC) Invitational Program throughout the year. As part of the Program, Samantha attended regular workshops and submitted solutions to a variety of problems.

Australian Intermediate Maths Olympiad

On 12 September, three Year 9 and 10 students competed in the Australian Intermediate Maths Olympiad. The competition consists of 10 problems completed over a four-hour period under exam conditions. Results will be available in Term 4.


A highlight of the Sigma Maths year is the annual Mathematics Camp, Mathapatta. On Sunday 11 August, a group of eager Year 9 and 10 mathematicians and their teachers travelled to Marrapatta for this camp.

The girls participated in workshops on geometric magic squares, numbers in other bases, game theory and cryptography. They developed mathematical models to represent real-life situations and competed in the ‘Great Race’ as they navigated their way around the Marrapatta campus.

Problem of the Week

The Problem of the Week continues to be popular with many girls submitting solutions. Past problems and solutions are available on Moodle.

Mrs Lee Mazzaglia
Sigma Maths Coordinator