BGGS Celebrates 2020 World Space Week

In celebration of World Space Week, Grammar girls tell us what they love about space, and how their experience at BGGS has deepened their interest in space and scientific discovery.

Ashley Zhang (12O)

‘I have always been intrigued by space, but what has really fascinated me isn’t space itself; rather, it’s what exists in space. I love that it is a place of endless possibilities and unimaginable vastness, where massive stars 20 times larger than our sun collapse in on themselves to form black holes, where tens of billions of galaxies exist waiting to be explored, and there are things we cannot even detect lying amidst speculation. It is an area of potential, imagination and perplexity. Personally, it reminds me that we are still learning. Our knowledge is finite, and we are one planet in an entire universe—which is a bit terrifying—but it means we can look beyond the sky into that vast, infinite space and wonder “what if…?” Space is incomprehensible, and that is exactly what makes it amazing.’ – Ashley Zhang (12O)

Hannah Bigby (10G)

‘I love the expansiveness of space and the fact that there is so much still to learn about what is out there. I also love how everything is different and unique in its own way including the vast range of colours and shapes of different celestial objects.’ – Hannah Bigby (10G)

Madison Danalis (10W)

‘Space is an exciting topic when it comes to discussing the future of science and technology. I find astrobiology to be particularly intriguing as it focuses on the potential for extra-terrestrial life. This field tests scientists’ understanding of the origin and evolution of life, as well as how it should be defined. This is why I find space fascinating; it is our future.’ – Madison Danalis (10W)

Tiarne Graves (12L)

‘I think the unknown of space is really beautiful and that the idea of us being so small in something so magical is really humbling. The 2017 BGGS Space Camp heightened my interest in science. Visiting NASA and touring facilities used by astronauts really drove home that while great discoveries have been made there is still so much to learn in regards to space exploration, and to make those discoveries would be amazing.’ – Tiarne Graves (12L)

Eloise Mitchell (11G)

‘I love space because it is endless, and new things are constantly being discovered and theorised about. I also love the rich history it holds and how many future plans we have for space. Participating in the School’s Space Camp exposed me to the many different career possibilities that the field offers and I was inspired by how many areas of study can be linked back to space.’ – Eloise Mitchell (11G)

Wijdan Rahim (11G)

‘The thing I love most about space is its infinite limits. Since I was a child, I have wondered about the planets and the stars. Now realising just how little we have discovered about the great expanse of space outside our planet, I find myself drawn to learning more, whether it be in school or on Mars!’ – Wijdan Rahim (11G)