Co-curricular Update

In light of COVID-19, and to ensure the necessary social distancing precautions, we have seen the closure of stadiums, auditoriums and venues, and the cancellation of sporting events, performances, and gatherings around the country.

These safety measures, implemented by the Government, also meant changes to Co-curricular Program were required to be made. I thank girls and their families for their support and understanding of these changes. I do believe there is a silver lining in all of this though, evident in the innovation and creativity we’re already seeing as staff deliver remote learning. And although it is only early days, what’s remarkable to witness is the agility and adaptability with which our community has begun to embrace this forum. It may only be early days, but from this fresh perspective, we continue to thrive.

So what’s ahead for our Co-curricular Program? How do we continue to reap the benefits of all those incredibly rich co-curricular activities normally offered by the School? How can we develop physical skill sets and tend to our fitness, maintain motivation, feed our souls and nurture our spirits at this time? The answer is, we’re working on it, and we’re working on it together.

You’ll see we already have At-Home Workouts in the Remote Learning section of Minerva, and our Student Council have led exercise sessions at 7.30 am each morning so far. This is a great way to keep moving and keep in touch as we navigate this transition, and I commend the girls on their initiative.

Over the coming weeks we’ll continue to share co-curricular updates in Minerva Daily Notices and News. In the meantime, I encourage all girls to continue with their co-curricular life as best they can—practise that instrument, shoot those hoops, do those drills and hone that argument. Make the most of virtual museum and art gallery tours, and take moments each day to be mindful. Journal, draw, compose, create. Record your experiences as we live through this, as you are the primary source for future generations of Grammar girls looking back on this moment in history. Finally, remember to practice gratitude—thank your teachers, thank your parents and siblings, and spare a thought for others who may be struggling at this time.

Ms Ellena Papas
Dean of Co-curricular