From the Dean of Co-curriculum

Welcoming our new and returning students to the excitement of the 2020 academic year permeates incredible energy into every area of our School, and it’s arguably one of the most delightful times of the year.

In amongst all this energy, many girls are eager to sign up for co-curricular activities, and can do so using the School’s new learning management system, Minerva. I encourage students to embrace learning opportunities beyond the classroom, and when speaking with new students suggest joining an activity that will enhance their physicality or fitness, another that engages their sense of social consciousness and allows them to serve, and an activity that will bring them enjoyment, or that piques their interest in something new. This well-rounded approach supports girls as their interests evolve and allows them to form meaningful connections with others at the School who share these interests.

To stay up-to-date with the School’s co-curricular offerings and to sign-up for activities, girls should read Daily Notices and News on Minerva. Alternatively, students can navigate to the Co-curriculum page to learn more about our Co-curricular sub-groups: Clubs and Activities; Debating; Drama and Dance; Duke of Edinburgh; Educational Travel; Extension Activities; Instrumental Music; Service; and Sport. Each of these pages contain a sign-up link. If students have queries about any of the co-curricular activities, they should contact the activity coordinator.

The Minerva Co-curricular page also features an electronic copy of the 2020 Co-curricular Handbook, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions about attendance, managing clashes of activities, and wet weather plans. Parents can view the Co-curricular Handbook on Parent Portal.

Information specific to senior students, about managing co-curricular commitments during assessment and exams, is available on Minerva and girls should discuss this with their parents.

I look forward to another fantastic year of participation in Girls Grammar’s Co-curricular Program.

Ms Ellena Papas
Dean of Co-curriculum