Interhouse Cross Country

The School will host its annual Interhouse Cross Country Carnival on Tuesday 11 August 2020 (originally scheduled for Friday 3 April 2020), in lieu of this year’s Interhouse Athletics Carnival.

This decision was made to offer all girls an opportunity to actively participate and represent their House—a defining and important element of the annual Interhouse Cross Country Carnival.

This year, the Carnival will be held in Victoria Park, Spring Hill. While races will be run in Year levels, over an undulating two kilometre course, the event will be scored by age groups. The Interhouse Cross Country Trophy will be awarded to the winning House on this basis.


8 am                  Year 12 and Staff

Period 1              Year 7

Period 2              Year 9

Period 3              Year 8

Period 4              Year 10

Period 5              Year 11

More information will be published on Minerva in the coming weeks.

Mrs Anne Ingram
Deputy Principal