Senior Drama Production

This year, the Senior Drama Company will be exploring the classic tragedy, Medea, originally written by ancient Greek playwright, Euripides. The cast will have the privilege of working with internationally renowned guest director, Ms Noa Rotem, who has a long history of working with the School.

Senior Drama Production Cast

Ashleigh Brant (11G)
Louise Brimblecombe (11R)
Paris Comiskey (12B)
Mackenzie Curtis (12W)
Julia Ganter (12M)
Anna Hammett (12B)
OIivia Harvey (11L)
Sophie Hillier (11L)
Stephanie Jones (12M)
Phoebe Oats (12G)
Nina Panayotov (12R)
Amy Pruyn (11W)
Lucy Rayner-Toy (12M)
Lara Triscott (11H)
Brianna Wakefield (12W)
Sophie Watson (11E)
Emilia Weeden (12O)
Charlotte Zeljko (11W)

Mr Brad Jennings
Head of Co-Curricular Drama