BGGS Welcomes Audacia, A New Rowing Eight

This morning, in a small celebration at the Brisbane Grammar Rowing Shed, Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler, joined with Rowing Captains, Chelsea Ashby (12W) and Eloise Young (12R), to officially name and christen the School’s new Rowing Eight.

Purchased in 2019, the boat, Audacia—meaning daring, bold and intrepid—is a particular mould for school girls.

The School thanks the Rowing Support Group and their President, Professor Jeanine Young, and former president Mr Sam Vecchio, for their tremendous fundraising efforts, along with Dean of Co-curriculum, Ms Ellena Papas, Director of Sport, Ms Jo Duffy, and Rowing Coordinator and Head Coach, Mr Darcy Wruck, for their ongoing support of the program.

The Girls Grammar Rowing Squad with the new Eight

Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler, joins Director of Sport, Ms Jo Duffy (left), Science Teacher and former BGGS Rowing Coordinator, Ms Sally Callie (right), and senior Rowers for breakfast after training.