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BGGS Wins Head of the River 2020

BGGS Rowers made history last Saturday winning Head of the River, for the first time. Both the First and Second VIII won gold in an impressive display of skill, determination and teamwork. Girls Grammar achieved its strongest results in the sport’s history at the School with 10 podium finishes—seven gold, two silver and one bronze.

This year’s win was the culmination of a very successful season for our rowers and demonstrated the depth of the School’s rowing squad, cultivated through the years by former Rowing Coordinator, Mrs Sally Callie, current Coordinator, Mr Darcy Wruck, and the entire coaching staff. The support of the Rowing Support Group, parents and the broader rowing community was invaluable to the School’s success.

Director of Sport, Ms Jo Duffy, said our girls demonstrated great strength and commitment throughout the season, in preparation for Head of the River.

‘Rowing is an extremely challenging sport, and our girls have risen to the occasion throughout the season, working hard during training, performing well at season regattas and coming together as a team to seize every opportunity’.

Congratulations to all 73 BGGS rowers who competed on the day and a special mention to our podium finishes:

Year 9 Division 3 Quad – 2nd
Chloe Chambers (9L)
Emma Forbes (9O)
Ariel Hundloe (9L)
Lucinda Richardson (9W)
Lucy Williamson (9W)

Year 9 Division 4 Quad – 1st
Cara Battaglia (9H)
Emily Brentall (9M)
Matilda Fennon (9W)
Vivian Lee (9O)
Elise Ridoutt (9E)

Year 9 Division 5 Quad – 1st
Scarlett Bennett (8L)
Eden Douglas (9E)
Patricia Howard (9L)
Luella Prenzler (9E)
Charlotte Sultana (9H)

Year 9 Division 6 Quad – 1st
Ayisha del Rosario (9W)
Hannah Marks (9G)
Amelia Schulz (9M)
Alyse Stewart (9E)
Rose Sinnamon-Fisher (9M)

Year 10 First Crew – 3rd
Remi Hirayama (10L)
Dominique Hourigan (10M)
Ella Sinclair (10G)
Jade Somerville (10G)
Charlotte Wagland (10O)

Year 10 Fourth Crew – 1st
Lara Elliott (10B)
Lily Graham (10W)
Claudia Parr (10G)
Anna Stevens (10B)
Isabella Webb (10G)

Year 10 Division 3 – 3rd
Nicole Choo (10B)
Adelaide Chalmers (10B)
Betty Smith (10M)
Tammy Bowden (10B)
Eliza-Jane Sheenan (10B)

Second VIII – 1st
Olivia Barr (11B)
Stephanie Burgess (11E)
Michelle Clewley (11B)
Lucy Cribb (12B)
Emily Hirst (11G)
Sarah Hopkins (11B)
Hannah Pinson (11L)
Lola Thew (12R)
Nellie Tilbury (11G)

First VIII – 1st
Chelsea Ashby (12W)
Bronte Cathcart (12E)
Ellyn Hill (11H)
Nancy Duncan-Banks (11E)
Tylah Hutton (11B)
Sophie Lucas (11O)
Grace Robinson (11E)
Claire Saggers (12O)
Eloise Young (12R)

Year 11 Single Scull – 1st
Ellyn Hill (11H)

Thank you to all in our community who contributed to the success of this year’s Rowing season, in particular our dedicated BGGS Rowing Support Group.

BGGS First VIII celebrate their victory

Second VIII

Ellyn Hill (11H)