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From the Enrolments Manager

Mrs Kelly Ryan

The BGGS Enrolments Team is delighted to share school news with you via the Enrolments Newsletter, which is published bi-annually. We hope it offers another way for you to learn more about the opportunities available to your daughter at Girls Grammar.

We understand that the stages of enrolment can, at times, seem confusing, as all schools differ in their processes. The BGGS Enrolments Team endeavours to make the process as simple and clear as possible. We are available to help guide you through each step of the process or answer any queries you may have.

Please remember to notify the Enrolments office immediately if your contact details change, as your daughter’s application will not proceed if we are unable to reach you via email and/or phone.

The Enrolment journey follows a four-step process:

Step 1: Submit an application online via the BGGS website. A non-refundable application fee of $470 is required at the time of submission. The School accepts application for enrolment any time after birth.

Step 2: Offer—Three years prior to entry, all families with an application for that entry year will be invited to a Parent Information Evening to hear the Principal and other members of the Senior Leadership Team speak about the opportunities Girls Grammar can offer. Offers are made immediately following this event and, as Girls Grammar is an academically non-selective School, offers are sent in strict date order of application. If your daughter is not included in the first round of offers, she may be included in a subsequent round, subject to the availability of places.

Step 3: Acceptance of offer—Families are invited to accept the offer by signing an Enrolment Agreement and paying a non-refundable Confirmation Fee of $1800 to secure a place for their daughter. The School must be informed of any information relevant to the education or welfare of your daughter and all requested documentation should be supplied to the Enrolments office by the requested due date.

Step 4: Orientation year—During this year, an Advance Fee of $2000 is payable and is credited to the first term’s Tuition Fee. Your daughter’s orientation year will include activities such as her Head of House Orientation interview, Open Day activities, and House Group Afternoon Teas. She will also be given the opportunity to audition for music groups and sign up for sporting activities in the second half of the year prior to entry.

Next Steps for Cohorts 2023 to 2026

Year 7 2023 families

Head of House Orientation interviews for families who have confirmed their daughter’s enrolment for 2023 are now complete. Parents with a confirmed enrolment for their daughter will receive an email inviting them to view the Future Students page, which will be launched shortly, on the School’s website. This webpage will provide important pre-commencement information and the opportunity for early sign-on to some co-curricular activities.

Families with a confirmed place for 2023 are encouraged to attend this year’s Open Day on Friday 29 July as it provides an opportunity to experience the enthusiasm and spirit of the School, as well as to participate in a School tour with a student ambassador. An optional House Group itinerary will be available to incoming Year 7 2023 students to help them explore the School’s history, facilities, clubs and programs.

Uniform fittings will commence in August. Information regarding uniform fittings will be emailed shortly and will also be available on the Future Students webpage, together with details on our BYOD Program and information regarding the purchase of a computer for your daughter’s enrolment.

You will also receive an invitation to the Parent and Daughter Dinner for Year 7 2023 families, which will be held on Thursday 18 August. Your invitation with booking registration to this event will be sent early in July.

House Afternoon Teas for incoming Year 7 students will be held in October. This event provides students with the opportunity to meet and connect with other girls in their House, and we look forward to providing further information through the Future Students page.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Enrolments Team with any enquiries as your daughter’s entry to Girls Grammar draws closer. If your circumstances have changed and you no longer require your daughter’s place at the School, please notify the Enrolments office as soon as possible, so we can contact a family on the waitlist.

If your daughter remains on the waitlist for Year 7 2023, we will contact you in the event that a place becomes available.

Year 7 2024 families

Families with a confirmed place for Year 7 2024 will receive correspondence in Term 4 outlining activities and dates for your daughter’s orientation in 2023. Please note that confirmed enrolment is dependent upon the payment of the Advance Fee next year and the submission of all requested documentation and reports by the due date. If your circumstances have changed and you no longer require a place, please contact the Enrolments office.

This cohort is now at capacity. If your daughter is on the waitlist for 2024, there may be an opportunity for further offers after the Advance Fee stage in 2023. Please do not hesitate to call the Enrolments Team if you wish to check on the progress of your daughter’s application.

Year 7 2025 families

The first round of offers for Year 7 2025 were distributed during Term 1 2022 and the cohort is now at capacity. If your daughter is on the waitlist for 2025, there may be an opportunity for further offers closer to the entry date.

Year 7 2026 families

The offer process for 2026 will begin early in 2023, immediately after a Parent Information Evening for all families who have applied for entry into Year 7 2026. Further details on the offer process will be sent to 2026 families at the end of this year. Please contact the Enrolments office if any of your contact details (including email addresses) have changed to avoid missing any upcoming correspondence.