Grammar Women: Leaders and Game Changers

On Wednesday 14 July, two outstanding BGGS alumnae addressed current students, parents, alumnae and friends of the School in an event focussed on Grammar Women leading in the field of entrepreneurship and international business.

Entrepreneur, columnist and media commentator, Jessica Rudd (2000) and Managing Director for Louis Vuitton (Oceania), Libby Amelia (2001) spoke with Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler, about their successful careers in international business at the first Grammar Women: Leaders and Game Changers event for 2021.

Noticing in 2009 the emerging potential of the lucrative online shopping market in China, Jessica shared the exhilarating highs and nerve-testing lows of starting an online consumer platform, before using her skills across a range of other business and governance ventures.

A master of brand look and feel, Libby, joining us via Zoom from Sydney, reflected on her rise to a leadership role for global brand Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, and the skills and talents that she developed through mainstream and entrepreneurial avenues.

Both Grammar Women inspired attendees with their thoughtful insights on the importance of deep cultural understanding, and the value of enduring optimism in creating a successful business.

Alumnae, Gemma Coyne (2015) and Lily Cilento (2015), with Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler, and current students Isabel Shorrock-Browne (11R) and Alexis Zacharyga (11O)

Grammar Woman, Ms Jessica Rudd (2000)

Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler