School Life

This year has been filled with many achievements, challenging endeavours, deepened relationships, and meaningful, small moments.

Grammar girls have navigated the complexities of 2020 with resilience, selflessness, togetherness and humility. A burgeoning independence and sense of gratitude has been seen in our students as they adapted to new learning environments, and while the experience so far this year is like no other, our girls have welcomed the challenge, and understand there is still so much to look forward to in their everyday lives. We hope you enjoy a gallery of images that captures some of this year’s small moments at BGGS.

Year 7 students were welcomed to BGGS by their Year 12 buddies

Queensland Symphony Orchestra workshop

Year 7 girls created affirmation journals in their Ethics lessons

To celebrate this year's International Women's Day, girls and staff shared the names of women from older generations who have inspired them with their achievements or who have in some way helped our society move toward gender equality

Calligraphy Workshop

Foundation Day, the celebration of the day on which the School was opened

Autumn Concerts

Grammar girls designed and distributed more than 500 'Notes of Hope' to aged care homes, hospitals and rural families. The cards included messages of thanks, words of encouragement and student artwork in hope of providing comfort to those in our community experiencing hardship in such uncertain times.

BGGS Junior Football players joined the Brisbane Roar Westfield W-League team at their home game

Year 9 History students reenacted the trial of King Louis