Second Chance—Christmas Giving Tree

For many of us, Christmas is a joyous time of year during which we take the opportunity to celebrate with festivities, decorations, gifts, and spend bountiful time with those we love. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people who are experiencing or are on the verge of homelessness in Australia and cannot celebrate Christmas.

In favour of supporting women and children experiencing homelessness, the Second Chance Committee will set up the annual Christmas Giving Tree in the Beanland Memorial Library from Week 3 to Week 6 this term. We encourage the BGGS community to take part in providing gifts to women and children who are less fortunate this Christmas. This year, all donations will go to three organisations: Bahloo Women’s Youth Shelter; Zig-Zag Young Women’s Resource Shelter; and Cherished Home for Young Mums.

To contribute, simply collect a gift tag from the Library and write your details on the remaining portion. The tag describes the Christmas wishes/gift requests of a particular woman or child, with common examples including beauty and personal care products for women, or toys and books for children. After buying a gift, please ensure that it is not wrapped but placed in a gift bag with the tag attached then pop this under the Christmas Tree in the Library. You may also want to write a card for the recipient to wish them a Merry Christmas! All gifts should be received by 11 November.

Help us spread the joy of Christmas by adding one extra gift to your shopping basket or by joining together to purchase a gift from your House Group. Get in quick because the tags disappear quickly!

We sincerely appreciate the help of the School community in making a difference this Christmas holiday.

Jacqueline Hii (11R), Ayesha Khagram (11G) and Grace Paschkewitz (11O)