Year 10 Students to Support QGSSSA Athletics

On Thursday 19 September, the Year 10 cohort will attend the QGSSSA Athletics Competition at the Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre (QSAC). The Year 10 cohort traditionally attends this event to provide support and encouragement for the Girls Grammar Athletics Squad.

All Year 10 students will be expected to make their way to school as per a usual school day. Students will then travel from Girls Grammar by bus to QSAC for the duration of the competition. Rolls will be marked at Victoria Park from 8.20 am. Students are expected to be in full School uniform, including hats, and are required to bring their own lunch as it is difficult to purchase food at the venue.

The buses will depart QSAC at approximately 2.15 pm and return to the School by 3.10 pm. Students will not be able to make their own way to or from QSAC.

Mrs Emma Lowry
Dean of Students