Girls Grammar Cafés provide the opportunity for all interested members of the School community, past and present, to gather informally over refreshments and engage in lively discussion on a range of topics and ideas in different disciplines. Girls Grammar was the first secondary school in Australia to institute these café symposia for the benefit of its community.

The School currently has three Cafés, with meetings once per term organised by the designated convenor.

Philosophy Café was the first in the suite of cafés to be instigated at the School. Guest speakers provide stimulating presentations on a diverse range of universally big ideas. Feedback and comment are encouraged and students, staff and parents all have the opportunity to express their ideas in a forum of respectful discussion.

Art Café provides wonderful opportunities for members of the School community to meet practising artists as guest speakers and engage in discussions about all aspects of art, both theoretical and practical.

Readers Café is a thriving community of avid readers who discuss and debate the merits of a number of chosen books. Guest speakers are also invited to present book reviews during the year.