Clubs & Special Interests

Clubs & Special Interests

The diverse range of clubs and special interest activities available at the School allow girls ample opportunity to deepen their understanding and expand their skills in areas of personal interest, in a fun environment. While the focus is on enjoyment, many of these activities have a real-life or community focus and provide the girls with significant challenges that help develop a sense of leadership, maturity, complex reasoning and responsibility.

Anime Club

This club provides a forum for students to watch and discuss new or unheard of anime series with each other and share opinions and ideas. The Anime Club has also includes manga (hand-drawn book series) and discussions about cosplay (short for “costume play”), where avid fan dress up and perform skits as their favourite characters.


This is a book club of combined Brisbane Grammar and Brisbane Girls Grammar senior students. Members are invited to join but may also self-nominate. Generally, meetings are held once a term and a challenging range of texts is discussed in a rigorous and entertaining manner.

Art Walks

Art Walks involve meeting at a particular location and walking as a group between several Brisbane galleries to see a variety of art exhibitions. Occasionally Art Walks will involve visiting an artist in their studio. Students, family and friends of the Grammar community are all welcome to attend.

Art Workshops

The aim of these workshops is to extend and enrich each student’s artistic abilities. Courses have included photography, printmaking, oil painting, life drawing, fashion design and experimental painting techniques.

Astronomy Club

This club involves field nights with naked eye, binoculars and telescopes as well as activities associated with astronomical software, visits to places of interest and learning about the sky.


Comprised of senior students from both Brisbane Boys and Girls Grammar Schools, membership is by invitation. Its constitution states its major objective is to “provide a forum where students can go further in the pursuit of intellectual development than is possible in the normal classroom situation”.

Calligraphy ClubCalligraphy Club

The general aim of this group of Boys and Girls Grammar students is to practice and gain a greater understanding of this beautiful Japanese art form. Classes are led by a master calligrapher and no experience is required.


Students are introduced to the rules of chess and are presented with patterns and strategies to improve their ability. Students may also play against a computer and obtain their ranking. The game is particularly valuable for females to develop the logical, planning and sequential aspects of their brain.

Composer’s Club

Participants work on individual and group composing projects. Mostly, students bring in work that they have been doing at home and receive help to bring their pieces to life.  There are opportunities to work with students from other arts disciplines as well. Students work at keyboards and computers, using Sibelius and Pro Tools software.

Digital Photography

The philosophy of the club is to inspire students with a passion for modern photography and videography. Members are encouraged to take any opportunity to photograph the world around us, enjoy sharing images, discuss better composition and technically correct camera settings, as well as post-production techniques. Students have the opportunity to participate in the creative wealth at Girls Grammar through capturing images of a diverse variety of events for the School’s publications.


Debating promotes self-confidence and logical thinking skills.  A debater learns to work as part of a team to achieve shared goals, to organise ideas and construct effective arguments.  The School competes in the Queensland Debating Union competition, entering teams at all levels.  As well, Years 8 and 9 students are able to compete in the Brisbane Girls Debating Competition which is run across Terms I and II.  Trials for places in all teams are run early in the year. Later in the year, the School Inter-House Debating Competition provides a further opportunity for students who are keen to enhance their debating skills.

The Felgate Group – Drama Club

Felgates provides an opportunity for students of all year levels to work together in a number of activities.  Students participate in performance, lighting, make-up and set design to allow them to develop experience in all areas of theatrical production.


E-sports is a club that offers students the opportunity to become involved with X-Box computer gaming in a social setting. Competitions are run on an individual and team basis, with students encouraged to improve their ‘personal bests’ in a variety of games requiring different skills sets from those for traditional sports.  Afternoon training sessions begin with physical activities.

Grammar DanceGrammar Dance

Girls with dance experience are invited to join the Grammar Dance Troupe to share their passion for dance with girls across all year levels. Instructed by tertiary dance students, genres such as contemporary, jazz and hip-hop are offered. Students are able to extend their dance skills, flexibility and strength, are given opportunities to choreograph routines and enjoy the fun and social nature of the group. Auditions are held early in Term 1.

Gwen Harwood Society

The Gwen Harwood Society is a creative writing group for all students interested in expressing themselves through poetry, prose or drama. Students participate in a variety of writing activities designed to stimulate their imaginations and develop their creative writing skills.

Kleio Society

The Kleio Society is a group for those who are enthusiastic about the Ancient World. Members are involved in activities which extend their knowledge about ancient societies and cultures, including cooking dishes based upon ancient recipes and making costumes such as those which would be worn be ancient women. Students in Year 12 may also become involved in a Museum Project, curating a display of artifacts from the RD Milns Antiquity Museum at the University of Queensland.

Libellum Reading Group

This group meets weekly to preview new fiction purchased by the Beanland Library and review illustrated books, popular fiction and non-fiction, graphic novels and literature websites. The club also promotes writers festivals, book launches, writing competitions and book trailers. Students who love books or want to develop wider reading can enjoy interacting with each other in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Library Angels

Library Angels is a service activity group where members contribute to the School by helping in the library: re-shelving and covering books, sorting music, working shifts at the circulation desk, and much more. The Library Angels learn new skills and interact with other like-minded students.


Opti-Minds is about problem solving, creativity, divergence, time management and team work. Teams of seven students are formed, which need to include members from Years 8, 9 and 10.  The teams then practise skills for the Spontaneous Problem and the Long Term Problem. Problem categories are Language/Literature, Maths/Engineering and Social Sciences.  A priority of the Club is that students have fun and enjoy themselves, while a great deal of learning occurs at the same time.

Public Speaking

There are several public speaking competitions open to interested students throughout the year, both inter-house and external competitions. Some experience is required for external competitions and coaching and help with speeches is available.

QUT Accounting in Schools (Years 11 and 12)

Year 11 accounting students are invited to consider undertaking the BSB110 Accounting subject through the QUT Accounting in High Schools Programme when they are in Semester 2.  An orientation afternoon is held at QUT to which parents are also invited.  Students are given an outline of the programme and materials for the first few units and are encouraged to think about their involvement and the benefits that they will accrue by participating in the programme over first semester in Year 12.

Rock ClimbingRock Climbing

Rock climbing lessons take place throughout the school year and are held in the McCrae Grassie Sports Centre. All are welcome and no experience is necessary.

Australian Science Olympiads (ASO)

The Australian Biology, Chemistry and Physics Olympiads get students involved in science. Girls gain valuable experience in working with other students and teachers who are passionate about science. Students can launch themselves into the International Science Olympiads through being involved with the ASO program.  The International Science Olympiads (ISO) is regarded as the ‘Olympic Games for Science Students’. Australian Science Olympians compete with students from different countries for a ranking or medal in the ISO.

Singer Song Writers Studio

Song Writer Studio is offered for girls who write their own popular songs, usually singing with guitar or piano accompaniment. Participants learn to refine their craft by developing skills in harmony, melody and structure. Students learn to record their own material using the Music Technology Laboratory. All students are welcome, but you will get the most out of Song Writer Studio if you come prepared to share lots of ideas and be open to feedback!

Student Yoga

A yoga class is held weekly and conducted by an experienced yoga teacher. All are welcome and no experience is necessary. Mats are provided and comfortable loose clothing should be worn. Students are given the opportunity to do yoga postures, and to learn some relaxation techniques.

UN Club

The United Nations Club is an opportunity for students from Years 10 to 12 to discuss current international, national and local issues that affect our world and us. The Club provides the opportunity for students to meet diplomats, politicians, university lecturers and other members of the global community. The Club also provides an opportunity for students to meet other young adults from schools across Queensland at conferences and competitions. It is a great opportunity to engage with the broader community and network with industry leaders.

For information on activities that have a global aspect please visit our Educational travel page.