Graduate Destinations

Graduate Destinations

A Girls Grammar education prepares girls for the world beyond our white picket fence. Girls develop the skills, learning opportunities and experiences to prepare them for their future lives, studies and careers.

Life after Girls Grammar

Most Brisbane Girls Grammar School graduates undertake further studies after graduation at universities all over Australia, and internationally. Reflecting our life-wide approach to learning, a small number of students choose to defer their studies and take part in organised exchanges, employment opportunities or volunteer work.

In 2016, 99.1 per cent of the Year 12 cohort received a tertiary placement offer in line with their preferences.

Inspiring Grammar Women

Discover the different career pathways that our past students have taken and learn how their time at Girls Grammar has helped prepare them for life beyond the white picket fence through our Grammar Women stories.

Our Honoured Grammar Women are past students of the School who have been recognised under the Australian honours system, celebrating their outstanding achievements and contributions to the Australian community and humanity at large.

Next Step survey results

Next Step is the Queensland Government’s statewide survey of every student who completed Year 12 and gained a Senior Statement during the previous year in Queensland at government and non-government schools. The survey collects information about the initial study and employment destinations of young people after leaving school. Next Step 2016 survey for Brisbane Girls Grammar School is now available.

Brisbane Girls Grammar School Next Step 2016 Summary  pdficon