Outdoor Education

Marrapatta Memorial Outdoor Education Centre

The Marrapatta Memorial Outdoor Education Centre is where our girls discover a vibrant world of outdoor learning opportunities. At Brisbane Girls Grammar, we believe that providing experiences outside of the traditional classroom setting is an invaluable aspect of learning and development.

Our outdoor education programme inspires in our girls the confidence that they can achieve, no matter what the sphere. It also helps build their appreciation for both the natural world and environment, and — importantly — for themselves.


In 1978, teachers with a passion for the environment introduced Outdoor Education to our School. They recognised the many opportunities presented by the outdoors to expand girls’ learning, knowledge and life skills.

In 1987, our School’s second campus, the Marrapatta Memorial Outdoor Education Centre, was opened at Imbil in the Mary Valley. Since the opening of this inspiring centre, Outdoor Education has helped our girls reach beyond the purely academic realms to develop important life skills and diverse interests. Click here to find Marrapatta on Google Maps.

Experience Girls Grammar Outdoor Education: A day at Marrapatta (video)

What is Outdoor Education?

The outdoor education curriculum is a unique experience that synergises learning from the main campus into real world scenarios. While enjoyment and positive outdoor experiences are important aspects of the outdoor education curriculum, our three key focus areas are:

  • Personal discovery and reflection,
  • Social development, and
  • Environmental appreciation and awareness.

By actively participating in a myriad of activities, Grammar girls are challenged and encouraged to explore personal characteristics and develop important skills for embracing their lives effectively.

The programmes

This carefully considered programme is provided to our girls progressively through Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. In the early stages, the girls are encouraged to develop a sense of place and explore what makes Marrapatta unique. As they work through the programme and build their confidence, the girls are given more opportunities to think and work interdependently with others.

Outdoor activities are used to engage students and focus on building specific skills and qualities. For example, canoeing encourages the girls to communicate effectively and work as a team to achieve a goal. On expedition, the girls use multimodal transport to reach a destination — the journey together becomes as important as the destination itself.

Outdoor Education provides our girls with exciting, authentic learning experiences and unforgettable memories long after their time at the School.

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