Student Care

Student care

Beginning secondary school is a significant milestone in the lives of adolescent girls and making a successful transition from primary school is one of the most important criteria parents and their daughters have when choosing a school. Parents frequently ask us about how their daughter will fit into school life at Girls Grammar.

We understand the important role a strong and caring community plays in helping girls feel connected and in supporting their intellectual, emotional and social growth. The School has a proud tradition of nurturing and developing accomplished, confident young women, and careful thought and emphasis has been given to the important task of assisting each girl to find her place within the School.

A comprehensive framework of care based on a system of nine Houses helps our girls develop both as individuals and as members of the larger connected School community. Within the School each House is a smaller, more intimate community where every girl is known and valued as an individual. Over her years at the School, a girl’s House Group provides her with many opportunities to develop her interests within a wide ranging programme of cultural, sporting, service and leadership activities.

Young women need to feel comfortable to be themselves, to learn to respect others and grow in knowledge, thoughtfulness and confidence in an atmosphere where they feel a sense of safety, community and belonging. The House environment is a place where girls can learn responsibility, develop resilience to face the challenges of adolescence, take risks, and understand the value of supportive relationships.

The School’s Child Protection Policy and Child Risk Management Strategy can be downloaded here:

Child Protection Policy

Child Risk Management Strategy