Welcoming new students begins well before a girl starts her first day at Girls Grammar. In the year prior to commencing at the School families will be invited to a number of activities offered to help new students feel welcome and confident during the transition into their new school life, and importantly, to give students the opportunity to meet and form friendships with their future classmates.

Girls will be allocated to one of nine Houses. The vertical structure of each House incorporates every year level and provides many opportunities for peer support initiatives between younger and older girls.

Every new student and her parents attend a personal meeting with a member of the Senior Leadership Team, and Head of House, where they are welcomed and introduced to the traditions and working life of the School, and have the opportunity to discuss their expectations.

Families are also invited to attend the School’s annual Open Day to familiarise themselves with the School and the wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities available to students.

The Head of House is responsible for overseeing each girl’s development and is the first point of contact with the School for parents. There is constant communication between a girl’s Head of House and other key personnel involved in her care and development. These include House Group teachers, classroom teachers, House Captains and House Prefects. Overseeing the nine Heads of House is the Dean of Students with a portfolio dedicated to student care.