Enrolment Process

Brisbane Girls Grammar School is an academically non-selective, independent, secular secondary school that is recognised as an international leader in the education of adolescent girls.

Girls Grammar provides a broad, liberal education to girls in Years 7 to 12.

Traditionally, girls enter the School in Year 7, which is the first year of secondary school in Queensland. However, with globalisation and increased mobility, places may become available in Years 8 to 11. The School encourages interested families to enquire about entry into these later years. These places are offered at the discretion of the Principal.

To enrol your daughter at Brisbane Girls Grammar School, please follow the steps outlined below. Additional enrolment information can be found in the Enrolment Information booklet, and you may wish to view the Entry Year Guide.

For further information about the School’s enrolment process, please contact the Enrolments Office on enrolments@bggs.qld.edu.au or +61 7 3332 1436.

Brisbane Girls Grammar School accepts applications for enrolment any time after birth. Please complete the online Enrolment Application Form. A non-refundable and non-transferable application fee of $470 (GST inclusive) is payable for each application. A copy of your daughter’s birth certificate and proof of citizenship (or residency if born overseas, or if both parents were born overseas) is required when submitting an application.


Upon successful completion of an online application, a receipt will be emailed to you and your daughter’s name will be added to the Enrolment Waitlist appropriate to her year of entry. You will receive a link to your parent Dashboard once you have submitted an application. This Dashboard will remain current throughout the entire enrolment pre-commencement journey for your daughter.

Please understand the successful lodgement of an enrolment application, with accompanying enrolment application fee, does not guarantee enrolment at Brisbane Girls Grammar School. Enrolment is subject to the offer process and Enrolment Application Terms and Conditions.

For Year 7, the School begins the offer process three years prior to the year of entry. Places are offered to applicants on the School’s Enrolment Waitlist in strict date order of receipt of the completed enrolment application. Further offers may be made until the cohort is at capacity.

A signed Enrolment Agreement, along with payment of a non-refundable and non-transferable confirmation fee, is required to accept a place at the School. All places offered are conditional on receipt of the following, which will be requested by the School in the year prior to entry:

  • Payment of an Advance Fee
  • School Reports and NAPLAN results (or equivalent)
  • Proof of English language proficiency (AEAS Certificate) for an applicant who is unable to demonstrate English language proficiency based on school reports. The minimum standard required is outlined in the School’s Enrolment Application Terms and Conditions.
  • Other relevant documentation regarding the education or welfare of the applicant including medical reports, educational testing, learning plans or court orders.

In the year prior to entry, parents are required to pay an Advance Fee. The Advance Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and is credited to the first term’s Tuition Fee. Enrolment cannot progress without the payment of the Advance Fee.

Future students are allocated to one of the School’s nine House Groups. Students are not able to choose their House, however the School will endeavour to maintain close family connections. Students and their parents are invited to attend a Head of House Orientation Interview in Term 2, the year prior to entry.

In the year prior to Year 7, parents and their daughters will be provided with several opportunities to become familiar with the School, participate in parent and community events, and meet teachers and other girls commencing in the same year. Your family will be officially welcomed to Girls Grammar the year she commences at the School.

Years 8 to 11 Enrolments

Places in Years 8 to 11 are offered at the discretion of the Principal, and the School encourages families interested in enrolling their daughter in these year levels to complete the Expression of Interest Form.


Changes to Enrolment Application Details

The School must be notified of any change to the parent’s contact details provided on the enrolment application.

Parents should also advise the School of any change sought to the proposed entry year as soon as possible. If the offer process for the entry year sought has commenced, the School cannot guarantee a place.

For further information, please read the Enrolment Application Terms and Conditions.

Your privacy is important. The School’s Privacy Policy provides information about how the School uses and manages your personal information.

Please note, Brisbane Girls Grammar School does not offer courses to girls wishing to study in Australia as an international student on a student visa.

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