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Brisbane Girls Grammar School provides a broad, liberal education for girls from Years 7 to 12, establishing the educational foundation for young women to contribute confidently to their world with wisdom, imagination and integrity.

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At Brisbane Girls Grammar School, a broad-based, liberal education provides girls and young women with the foundations for future success. Since 1875, this educational philosophy has guided the School’s approach to curriculum design and delivery.



A Girls Grammar education provides a foundation from which girls can discover the joy of learning, question and be curious, and develop into confident, well-rounded young women. The School’s all-inclusive fee policy covers the cost of tuition, as well as a range of curricular and co-curricular activities.



The School’s robust co-curricular program inspires girls to strengthen existing talents and discover new areas of passion. Students develop enduring life and leadership skills, and learn to be resilient and adventurous in spirit.


Student care

The School has a proud tradition of nurturing accomplished, confident young women. Emphasis and careful thought is given to the important task of assisting each girl to find her place.


Our Principal

Ms Jacinda Euler is Principal of Brisbane Girls Grammar School. A strong advocate for the broad, liberal education offered by Girls Grammar, Ms Euler possesses a deep and authentic understanding of girls’ education.

Academic Achievements

Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s approach to teaching and learning is underpinned by a commitment to discipline-specific, faculty-based learning, providing students with diverse and dynamic learning experiences.

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Years 5 and 6 2026 at Brisbane Girls Grammar School

The introduction of Years 5 and 6 in 2026 is an exciting and contemporary evolution of a Girls Grammar education, which for nearly 150 years has been synonymous with the finest traditions and aspirations in education.

Illumine – A BGGS Podcast

Since launching in 2020, Illumine has evolved from one flagship series to include three additional subseries—From the Students, For the Parents, and Grammar Women. 

Hosted by Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler, the Illumine podcast series shares enlightening conversation, friendly debate, and topical discussions with teachers, students, alumnae, and special guests to ensure more voices are heard, and perspectives shared within our community and beyond.

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