Floreamus Centre

A combined space for the School’s Health Centre and Student Counselling Service, the Floreamus Centre adopts a proactive approach to student care, focusing on building resilience for life by equipping students with the necessary experiences, skills and knowledge to ensure authentic wellbeing, now and into the future. 

Offering a holistic and integrated approach, the Floreamus Centre comprises an interdisciplinary team of clinical psychologists, school nurses and mindfulness practitioners. Together, the team provide high-quality education and primary care to ensure Grammar girls are socially, emotionally, and physically at their best and ready to learn.

Students can seek medical and psychological care throughout the School day, and the ability to access such support enables early detection of typical adolescent health concerns. Students with complex and ongoing wellbeing concerns are referred to a network of well-recognised practitioners in the community.

In addition to individualised support, the Centre provides a specialised wellness program to build girls’ resilience and cultivate courage, optimism, and resourcefulness. Using innovative and evidence-based research to guide the School’s practice, the Centre aims to help Grammar girls make informed lifestyle choices, engage in self-care, and develop the necessary skills to feel good, function well and contribute to their own success.