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Spaces for Science—Listen to The Latest Illumine Podcast

Illumine is a space for considered thought, enlightening conversation and friendly debate about Australia’s current educational landscape and the values and philosophy of the School among staff, families, alumnae and the wider community.

For each episode, Brisbane Girls Grammar School staff share researched essays, followed by in-depth conversation with our Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler, as part of an interview-style podcast.

Episode 7: Spaces for Science

Michael Banney, Director, m3architecture

Brisbane Girls Grammar School opened its new seven-storey Science Learning Centre in October 2020. In this episode, Principal, Ms Jacinda Euler, speaks to the building’s architect, Michael Banney, about designing spaces that surprise, delight, and facilitate deep learning.

Episode 6: Democracy’s Decline

Ms Alison Dare, Director of Humanities

Many teachers grew up believing that world history followed an upward trajectory—toward a more free, liberal and democratic future. However,  democracy—once a beacon of hope—has failed in 25 countries since the turn of the century. How can the study of humanities empower students to navigate an increasingly complex world?

Episode 5: Dancing, Architecture, Folklore—Analysing Creative Works Through a Series of Layers

Mr Andrew Pennay, Director of Creative Arts

No one is sure who first supposed ‘talking about music is like dancing about architecture’. How can Creative Arts teachers effectively teach students to respond to arts stimuli?


Episode 4: From Curiosity to Scientific Literacy

Ms Gerri Bernard, Head of Curriculum Development—Science

‘Why?’ Although it may not be the first question that a young child asks, any parent can attest to the fact that it soon becomes one of the most frequent. How can educators harness students’ innate curiosity to develop their scientific literacy skills?


The Importance of Self-Care in Uncertain Times

Dr Alix Vann, School Psychologist


Experiences like the COVID-19 pandemic force us, on a global scale, to realise that no matter what, none of us is immune to feeling, and none of us can truly control what goes on around us. How can we learn to truly care for ourselves amidst uncertainty?

I think, therefore I am: Critical Thinking in the English Classroom

Ms Jo Genders, Director of English

Being able to discern meaning and truth from agenda and biases is believed by many to be an essential skill for our young people today. But how can educators teach critical thinking?


Schools as Homes for the Mind: Educating Young People with the Skills and Confidence to Meet Tomorrow

Dr Bruce Addison, Deputy Principal (Academic)

How can we ensure our students are appropriately educated about important topics—and yet not overcome by them? How should we support each other and our communities during times of crisis?