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Parents & Friends

A truly great school attracts and nurtures great people and unites them in a common purpose – to be a leader in exceptional scholarship. Our Parents & Friends (P&F) Association is a vital part of our School community and plays a valued role in helping us achieve our School aspiration.

About the P&F Association

The P&F Association is an active group of parents and friends of the School who coordinate a range of key activities and initiatives that directly support the School. Specifically, the Association’s objectives are to:

  • Promote fellowship among the parents of students of Brisbane Girls Grammar School and friends of such parents and students
  • Promote interest in the educational activities of Brisbane Girls Grammar School
  • Raise funds for amenities and facilities for Brisbane Girls Grammar School.

The P&F Association is managed by an Executive Committee comprising:

  • Four elected office bearers
  • A number of elected members
  • Other ex officio members (including the Principal).

P&F Association events

For current parents, a full list of P&F Association events (including Mothers and Fathers Groups) is available on the GrammarNet Parents website. Click here to access (log-on required).

Key information

  • The Executive Committee meets twice a term at 6.00 pm on the third Monday of the month during term-time.
  • The Association’s Annual General Meeting is held in November each year.
  • Each parent and guardian of a currently enrolled student is automatically a member of the P&F Association and will receive an emailed notice of the AGM at the start of Term IV.

Office bearers and ex officio members

Current office bearers and ex officio members and their contact details are listed below.

P&F President Dr Fiona Harden
P&F Vice-President Ms Kristine Palm
P&F Treasurer Mrs Bonita Cory
P&F Secretary Ms Sophie Ward
P&F Assistant Secretary Ms Susan Playford
President, Fathers Group Mr David Ruddell
President, Mothers Group Dr Dominique Carroll
President, Old Girls Association Ms Julie Caton

Mothers Group

The Mothers Group is a sub-committee of the P&F and an important part of the School community. The Group coordinates events including Year Level Dinners, the annual Mother and Daughter Dinner and Spring Lunch, which provide opportunities for collegiality, involvement, support for mothers and fundraising. If you are interested in becoming involved please contact the President, Mothers Group at

Fathers Group

The Fathers group provides a wonderful and social way for fathers to be involved with the School and their daughters’ education, via the P&F sub-committee. Informal dinner meetings are held at the School with informative and entertaining guest speakers, as well as weekend retreats at the Schools Marrapatta Memorial Outdoor Education Campus, a must-do activity for Girls Grammar fathers and the annual Father and Daughter Dinner.

Active involvement in the Fathers Group will enhance your father-daughter relationship and assist your family to engage more fully with the School community. If you are interested in being involved please contact the President, Fathers Group by email at

P&F Shop

The P&F Shop supplies uniforms, stationery and textbooks as well as many other sundry items. Further information, including contact details, can be found on the Uniforms page.