Individualised Support

Student wellbeing is essential for good learning. Through the School’s Ethics curriculum, Student Care staff guide girls through learning themes appropriate to the stage of their intellectual, social and emotional development.

The School’s Ethics curriculum is a specialised wellbeing curriculum delivered to Years 7 to 12 focusing on Positive Relationships, Helpful Thinking, Authentic Emotions, Health Habits, and Purpose and Engagement.

These themes address aspects of the girls’ identity, relationships and the importance of assisting others. Girls are supported to make considered decisions, take responsibility for their own actions and demonstrate leadership based on honesty, integrity and optimism.

The Student Care Program is underpinned by a comprehensive, developmentally sequenced curriculum that includes hosting leading experts, two prescriptive evidenced-based programs and a tailored syllabus guided by students’ needs. Each year, the Ethics curriculum is informed by student contribution and annual wellbeing measurement data. It has been developed to meet the needs of girls as they grow into greater independence in their years at the School.

The Year 7 program helps students settle into the secondary school environment and provides girls with the skills to cope effectively with a new school structure, and expectations for learning and friendships. The program encourages girls to be courageous, persistent, and to maintain their sense of self in the face of sometimes stressful circumstances.

In Year 8, the Ethics curriculum includes Healthy Minds, a comprehensive world-first prevention program for emotional wellness and resilience. The program focuses on reducing unhealthy perfectionism while building major protective factors, including self-compassion and crucial psychological skills.

Year 8 students are also encouraged to develop their wellbeing through the Mindfulness in Schools program. A specialised team of Girls Grammar practitioners teach specific mindfulness skills to help girls improve their concentration and be present when learning and listening to others. Students continue to develop their mindfulness skills throughout their years at the School.


Year 9 students are encouraged to examine their thoughts and feelings and build on their personal wellbeing strategies. In Semester 2, girls can select their own Ethics program topics, based on areas of personal interest. The bespoke course aims to develop girls’ confidence and sense of agency as they move toward the senior years of secondary schooling.

Year 10 is an important year for girls as they transition to their senior years and gain a new sense of identity and place. Girls are encouraged to look beyond themselves and consider the world around them. The Year 10 Ethics curriculum builds on the School’s Service Program, where students adopt responsibilities and learn the importance of giving back.


In Year 11, girls prepare for leadership in a variety of ways. Students are encouraged to use the psychological tools, self-insights and coping strategies learned in the younger year levels and apply them to becoming a Senior and a role model for younger students.

The final year of secondary schooling is a year of significant transition where the emphasis is on supporting girls through their senior year. In Year 12, the Ethics curriculum is designed by student input, as girls consider their chosen pathways beyond School.

As a leader in the provision of an exemplary broad, liberal education, teachers at Girls Grammar are committed not just to student pedagogy but also understanding girls socially, emotionally and cognitively. Girls Grammar provides opportunities for staff to enhance both their wellbeing and that of their students.

Staff education includes evidence-based knowledge, support and resources, and professional development opportunities—including Mental Health Matters sessions, Mental Health First Aid training, and visiting experts—to assist staff in feeling confident with addressing students’ wellbeing needs to ensure the best learning occurs. Staff are also invited to focus on their own wellbeing and engage in self-care and self-compassion strategies facilitated by our dedicated Floreamus Centre team.

Student Counselling Service

The Student Counselling service is available to all students and provides support for achieving academic success, strong social connections and positive emotional wellbeing. Research confirms that girls learn best when they feel a sense of belonging and connection.

The School’s Counsellors work closely with Heads of House, House Group Teachers and Classroom Teachers to apply their psychological and educational expertise to help students overcome challenge, build resilience and maintain balance in their lives.

Students and their parents are welcome to access the Student Counselling Service for confidential, specialised support or advice.

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