Girls Grammar students are encouraged to take judicious, ethical and purposeful action to advocate for a more just world.

Girls adopt responsibilities in the School’s Service Program from Year 7, and are encouraged to become active citizens who engage meaningfully with the community.

By engaging in School service groups, supporting their House or School Charity, or participating in the Community Service Program, girls lead initiatives that have positive impact and learn the importance of giving back.


‘Hearing about the improvements in the lives of women experiencing homelessness, and the gratitude of these women at even our simplest gestures, is extremely heartening and has motivated me to continue to help.’ —Alison Beckey (2018), Second Chance Committee Member

School and House Charities

2024 School Charity

Chosen by the students, the annual School Charity reflects students’ desire to support a cause of particular importance to them. The 2024 School Charity is Cancer Council QLD. Whilst the Cancer Council is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with cancer, BGGS will focus on Skin Cancer prevention strategies for our community, and volunteering and fundraising to support education and research by Cancer Council QLD.

2024 House Charities

Service Captains within each of the School’s House Groups choose the following specific organisations to support throughout the year.

House Charity
Beanland Dig In
Griffith Eat Up
Hirschfeld Pyjama Foundation
Woolcock Richie's Rainbow Foundation
Lilley Lily House
England Young Care
Gibson Mercy Without Limits
O'Connor Cherish Women's Cancer Foundation
Mackay Mater Foundation, Miracles for Melanoma inspired by Gina Savage (2012)

Grammar Environmental and Conservation Organisation (GECO)

GECO is a practical club that attends to concerns in our school environment, as well as being involved in national and global conservation issues and improving sustainability practices. Students participate in the Lord Mayor’s Young Environmental Leadership Network projects.

Grammar Goes Green

This group maintains the natural environment of three Girls Grammar campuses and supports the Cubberla Witton Catchment Network. The group also works in collaboration with the City Parks Brisbane in neighbouring Victoria Park.

Health Promoting Schools

The group was established in 1996 to formalise the School’s commitment to health in the community — both internal and external. Health Promoting Schools are worldwide and an outcome of the Ottawa Charter created by the United Nations. The purpose of the group is to increase awareness of health issues in our society and provide an opportunity for students to organise activities to promote and fundraise for various causes.

World Vision

Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation

Second Chance Program

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

ANZAC Day Commemorative Committee

The Pyjama Foundation

Young Care

Coffee Brigade