The School’s debating program is one avenue for Grammar girls to practise expressing their ideas and opinions in a logical and persuasive manner.

Debaters learn to work as part of a team to achieve shared goals, organise ideas and construct effective arguments.

The School competes in the Queensland Debating Union competition, entering teams at all levels, and students in Year 8 and Year 9 compete in the Brisbane Girls Debating Association competition. Additionally, the School’s teams enjoy success in the Tri-Schools Debating Competition, and many Grammar Girls have achieved strong results in the Australian Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship.

The annual School Interhouse Debating Competition provides a further opportunity for students who are eager to enhance their debating skills.

The 2018 Queensland Debating Union Championship School Trophy winners (Year 8 and Year 10.1 teams)

Year 12 2017 student, Isabel Nolan, represented Australia at the 2017 World School Debating Championships in Bali, Indonesia. Ms Nolan was recognised as the sixth-best debater at the championship.