House Structure

The House structure at Brisbane Girls Grammar School is the bedrock of the School’s unique and comprehensive system of care. It builds a sense of belonging and shared purpose among girls across the School.

Girls Grammar recognises that relationships are integral to student wellbeing and the House system provides a strong foundation for bonds to be created among students across all year levels.

Combining a vertical and horizontal pastoral care framework, the Houses offer students much more than groups formed for competition—friendships can blossom alongside study, and barriers between year levels are broken down as older students help their younger Grammar sisters to find their footing in a secondary school setting.

Heads of House and House Group Teachers know and support girls’ individually, and students identify strongly with their Houses’ colours, mascots, and unique culture and tradition.










Honouring a legacy of exceptional scholarship

The names of the nine Houses honour individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of Brisbane Girls Grammar School over its 146-year history.

Learn more about the individuals the School’s Houses honour.

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